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E Komo Mai! We welcome you into our ‘Ohana, a Sanctuary for your Soul on Hawaii Island!

As we nurture and uplift our bodies, we uplift our hearts and minds, which nurtures others, and as we nurture others, we uplift the world.

Let Dr. Marya Mann guide you on the sacred journey of a lifetime, leading you through your Souls’ alignment to your highest love, purpose, and liberation.

Through transformational sessions at the Kealakekua studio, outdoors at sacred Hawaiian sites, via phone, and on Zoom, our unique model of Evolutionary Yoga Flow brings together the arts and science of Yoga with Polynesian mysticism, ancient Eastern and Indigenous wisdom teachings, and the new sciences.

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The Way of Quantum Healing: One Love in Hawaii

What People are Saying:

“Quantum Leap Creativity has been revolutionary in my life. The combination of contemplative work, energy medicine, even theater improvisation, and connecting deeply to my body and the quantum field opens me up so I’m able to hear and see more. It’s just revolutionary.” — Ray Rappold, Developer

“Her passionate enthusiasm and loving support gave me the inspiration to fully surrender to the fluid movements. It got me moving to my own inner dancer. I’ve never experienced yoga like this! It’s way beyond yoga.” — Sandy Murphey, Photographer & Networker

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Journey to Hawaii for a Feast of Freedom!

Experience Evolutionary Yoga Flow, Healing in a Tropical Paradise, & Creative Renewal in custom “Spirit of Hawaii” Journeys: treks in nature, yoga at sacred sites, and connecting with Nature.

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Wholeness is the true meaning of health and the foundation of personal and international harmony. Harmonizing your inner and outer worlds in Evolutionary Yoga classes, Living Arts seminars, and private PSYCH-K and Quantum Healing sessions, you will learn a new navigational system based on your intrinsic wisdom and the dreaming of Nature.

For more details and to get started on your Evolutionary Transformation, reach out to us at 808-345-0050.

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