Why Quantum Healing Now?

Wheel of Healing

Quantum Healing is a way to empower and bring to fruition a quest most of us share: the quest for love, meaningful work, and true health.

Our goals can range from living in balance and harmony with Nature and experiencing more ease in athletic pursuits to creative endeavors and prosperity. Whatever they are, a common obstacle to achieving our visions for our lives is feeling separate from our own physical and energy bodies.

When we rejuvenate the body, heart, mind, and spirit and realize our Soul’s purpose flowing through us, we dissolve many of the limitations that have kept us feeling separate. We reclaim our natural sense of connection and belonging in the world, which energizes our visions into more stable manifestations.

Quantum Healing gives us the opportunity to reclaim what many feel they have lost, and can’t even name. But we feel cut off from it and deeply long for its return.

Indigenous people have named it. When we are born, the Hawaiians tell us that a part of our Oversoul enters the body and we feel a profound sense of this sacred connection. As we are infused with the Breath of Ha, the breath of life, at our first inhalation, the sacred inspiration moves us. This natural light radiates from us as babies. Do you remember?

With the passage of time, that inner light and sacredness may have dissipated and been forgotten because judgments, false beliefs, and experiences pushed our inner wisdom and light into the background. Relentless and limiting conditioning from a culture that fosters greed, anger, and violence, and relies on the rational to the exclusion of all else, may entrap us with limited thinking.

The good news is: You can reprogram your thinking and liberate yourself from the prison of false beliefs.

Quantum Healing removes the limits, restores the deep knowing of sacredness, and helps you return to your unique sense of the sacred, inside you all along. When you return to your spiritual heart, you feel your True Self, your Soul, who you really are.

Quantum Healing uplifts you by….

- Clearing your body and energy fields
- Removing limiting beliefs that don’t serve or belong to you
- Engaging your creative nature to enhance your spiritual growth
- Showing you how to gain direct access to your Higher Self and spirit guidance

When working with a Quantum Healing mentor as an intermediary, you learn to communicate with your own physical and energy bodies, in their own language. Through sound, movement, and intentional creativity, through laughter, tears, and a renewal of clarity, the subconscious, conscious, and superconscious levels of the Soul re-align, which taps into the overall quantum field. You recharge your authentic energy, your inner power, through this illuminating reconnection.

At the end of each session, you have new tools, rituals, mantras, and mindful movements for your personal therapeutic Soul Medicine kit.

Quantum Healing is open to young and old, male and female and to people of all social, ethnic and economic backgrounds. It complements other practices and gives you methods that will change your life for the better, forever.

Contact Dr. Mann now and receive a free 15-minute consult to see if this is the right time for you to transform your life. All you have to lose is your suffering. All you have to gain is your Soul!

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