Meditation | Loving Kindness for All Beings

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As you open your heart, imagine you are widening the circle of loving kindness, which includes loved ones, neutral acquaintances, and difficult people, as well as all life, all the elements, all species.
As each being experiences your heart opening with care and love for them, they become more friendly, open, and caring in return. All beings feel your love when you extend your good will toward them.

In this meditation, we not only develop care and concern for all beings, we begin to unlock our own happiness, the happiness born of sharing with others.

So now take a moment to reflect on three people in your life — a loved one, a neutral one, and a difficult one, and notice at a fundamental level, there’s not much difference between all of you. All human beings want happiness and wish to avoid suffering. The neutral person could become difficult or loved depending on their state of mind and yours. By sharing happiness and care, neutral people could easily become loved ones.

Now reflect on the Air we breathe, making us one family interweaving in one atmosphere, our planet, our home. Love the Earth and our shared gravity, greenery, and sustenance. Revere the Fire, heat and light of the Sun, blazing and illuminating, whispering a wholesome levity, remembering grace comes out of grief. Sense the Water, the flowing of new life inside our veins, in oceans, and falling from the skies. Air, Earth, Fire, and Water together emerge from the Ether, the Akashic Field, a web of light that penetrates everywhere and serves as the void, deep love, a cosmic library, and creative space for All Beings, human, animal, plant, and elemental.

Send your love to the field of All Beings, and visualize the prospering world we choose, with healthy families, gardens, work, and relationships, guided by a regenerative spirit in spaces that are steeped in wisdom and free from trauma, suffering, and ignorance.

Visualize that All Beings are safe, protected, and supported. May we all be well. May we all be at peace. May we all be happy. May we all be free from suffering.

Allow the field of All Beings to love you back, thanking you for your loving kindness, sending healing hands, sounds, and the eyes of divine love to touch you, enter through your skin, and marinate you in love all the way to your core. Fear, doubt, and confusion melt in the brilliant light of this loving gaze.

Feel yourself renewed and revitalized with several deep healing breaths. Stabilize the alignment of body, heart, mind, spirit and the Soul cluster. Feel the ever-present light in your heart. Changing your perspective based on opening your heart — this is the power of loving kindness for All Beings.

With deep respect and love,

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