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marya Dr. Mann
“Marya Mann is an entertaining, lively and humorous speaker who will enliven your annual dinner, conference or event.”

Top 5 Reasons to Engage Marya

Marya provides the practical tools to enhance your life, your event, your meeting for the better.

As consultant, coach, author, speaker and performer, Marya knows what it takes to enhance your experience. She will bring you the positive spin that will send you or your group, as Author and Visionary Jose Arguelles says, “Into the next orbit with love, laughter and integrity”.

Marya entertains, as well as educates, to make your life, your corporation or your event run more smoothly.

“Thou shalt not” speaks to the head, while “once upon a time” speaks to the heart. To get new results, we need new beliefs, and new stories transform our beliefs like nothing else. Marya’s one-on-one consultations, group sessions and presentations are filled with healing anecdotes and provocative tales that help you make those “changes of heart” that fill you with enthusiasm and courage and provide you with the tools to make meaningful life changes.

Marya is like a breath of fresh air fresh from the Quantum Field of Love.

Let’s face it, if more people “let love lead the way”, as Marya suggests, the world would be a brighter place. And why not? We’ve seen where hate and violence has led us. What we’ve learned from the work of Ph.D. scientist Rupert Sheldrake is that there is a field of intelligence that permeates the world and every one of us. Marya brings you, not only that understanding, but that feeling, an experience that will continue long after your session with her has ended.

Marya takes a collaborative, hands-on approach that involves everyone in creating a world that works.

Our sense of community is known to be one of the most potent tools in recreating ourselves and our world as a “printout” of our most loving, wise, and healthy visions. Working with you as a partner, Marya helps you find answers that lie within. As inner sources of power and wisdom are unleashed, you will experience a new synergy that invigorates your effectiveness, both on and off the job.

Marya focuses on real-life, practical results.

“The way our brain is wired,” writes Candace Pert, “we only see what we believe is possible. We match patterns that already exist within ourselves through conditioning.” By releasing old beliefs that no longer serve us, and actually experiencing how new beliefs enhance our lives, you will feel happier and healthier immediately. Marya’s time-tested tools and tales will bring greater prosperity, joy and long-lasting feelings of peace and well-being to you almost instantaneously.

Seminars with Marya include fill-in-the-blank handouts, articles, and booklets that help participants continue their understanding long after the event is over.

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