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Dr. Mann lives and works in Kailua Kona, Hawaii, where she shares her Evolutionary Yoga Flow methods at the University of Hawaii’s Palamanui Community College and Kona Coast Yoga and Wellness. She also offers private sessions and classes at the Lotus Spa in the Royal Kona Resort and at the New Thought Center of Hawaii.

She supports and teaches an international clientele who find her Energy Medicine methods, Yoga Therapy, and Creativity training quickly bring life-changing results. “Thou art,” she says. “You ARE the creator. In each moment, we make a choice. These choices can bring great love, connection, and wisdom.”

In her book, Healing Our Planet, Healing Our Selves, co-authored by Deepak Chopra, the Dalai Lama, and Barbara Marx Hubbard, among others, she described her mission in life: to help people find the living world in their own hearts and share the energy of creativity wisely, as Earth stewards, as delighted, fully engaged, compassionate creators, one and all.

She has guided thousands of people through the celebrated “Quantum Creativity” process, led “Yoga Dance” and “Loving Communications” workshops, and is the author of Bali Dream Chronicles and No Place Like Om. She has produced two DVDs on Yoga Dance, three successful CDs, and a television special on Colorado’s pristine environment carried by PBS, On the Air.

She has created more than two dozen keynote presentations ranging from the motivational “Now Create Your Fate” and “The Great Circle Inside” to the humorous, heart-opening “The Ten-Thousand Stringed Instrument.” At the core of her work is an invitation to the client, audience, and reader to claim their own spiritual power and creative ability. By living in accord with the Laws of Creativity and finding strength in the simple yet profound Pythagorean principles of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, every person can shine their own powerful inner light and enjoy the great adventure of living, loving, and laughing in the currents of spacetime.

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Early Times

Marya was born in West Texas and grew up in Illinois before setting out at the age of 16 to explore the world. From the start, she sought out great teachers like Joseph Campbell, Jean Houston, Shiva Rea, and Emilie Conrad-D’aoud.

Early acclaim as a writer, dancer, and performance artist was cut short by a car accident in which she had a near-death experience. Adventures on the path of healing led her literally to dance around the world, have meetings with remarkable Native American, Tibetan, and Indonesian shaman, and earn a Ph. D. in the Psychology of Creativity so that she could inspire and help others to use the gift of imagination wisely.

After working with John Denver at the Windstar Foundation, she traveled to Bali where she studied sacred dance and temple ceremony and performed at the Center for Art and the Future. In Sydney, Australia, she taught for the International Yoga Teachers’ Association and at the Sydney Dance Company.

In Boulder, Colorado, she studied Ashtanga Yoga with Richard Freeman and Buddhist philosophy and meditation at Naropa. She also performed with the Holy Cow! Theater Company and the Dream Catcher Dancers. While on the field faculty of Regis University, she received funding from the Colorado Council on the Arts and Humanities to teach creative process skills to multi-cultural youth and adults and to initiate new creative work.

In the highly successful Renaissance Arts Project (RAP), Dr. Marya brought active communication, relationship, and leadership skills together with the disciplines of ensemble art-making. Using Yoga, dance, theater, writing, and song to express their real lives, teens and adults saw how their past gave them the raw material for art, empowered the present, and powered their vital energy for transforming old life-defeating mental stories into new scripts. More than theater productions, these original RAP performances played to delighted audiences who relished original new art in their communities.

Moving to Illinois to establish the Lotus Living Arts Center, she continued offering private Energy Medicine therapies, taught seminars and classes for Kaskaskia and Rend Lake Colleges, and produced music and dance festivals. At this time, she wrote the first of three novels and began work on Quantum Leap Creativity, a book about friendly physics and the journey of art.

She had discovered in the grace of Balinese temple ceremonies and in the centered calm of Indian sacred dances, that we are fields of energy, eternal beings, the Soul, moving in physical bodies, something we in the West have largely forgotten.

Dark Night of the Soul

At three junctures in her life, her work was cut short by personal setbacks when three close family members died suddenly. While grieving, she uncovered layers of childhood and inter-generational patterning that therapists and health professionals said could disable her and most certainly give her lifelong symptoms.

Unwilling to accept such a fate, she delved further into the fields of dance, literature, theater, psychology, quantum physics, cross-cultural myth, movement, and spirituality to discover new ways to unbind the genetic and conditioned structures she had been handed. Dr. Mann accepted her early challenges as gateways through which she could travel to fulfill her soul’s purpose: creative and spiritual evolution for all beings.

Turning Point

Ten years after the automobile accident that almost killed her, ten years after she first met Nana Solbrig of the Chicago Moving Company and began a life-long yoga and dance practice, Marya began to move in unconditional ways, in spirals, waves, and circles — the way her cells moved her, not how dance instructors or society pressured her to move. “Cellular Dancing” was so different from the large, sweeping movements of stage and social dancing, that it seemed to come from her Soul. Tiny, nuanced, natural movements freed up clenched feelings, liberated her from pain and grief, and catalyzed so much pulsing energy that she intuitively knew she was experiencing a primordial awakening that was healing her body, and perhaps, at a quantum level, moving the world. She decided she wanted to share her pioneering discoveries in human health and healing to inspire others through natural movement, teaching, and writing.

With this inspired vision, Dr. Mann made a commitment to dedicate her life to becoming a speaker, philosopher, teacher, and author. She began to look for the Laws of Creativity that would enable anyone, no matter how wounded or worried, to understand universal laws that enhance human awareness and help people achieve their potential personally, professionally, and creatively.

With focus and determined effort, Dr. Mann began to sense, describe, and teach others to find the biodance that energizes and heals from the inside out.

Experiencing love and wholeness on a personal level, and productivity on a professional level, is a matter of moving the body and mind in alignment with the Oversoul. When you believe life is hard, that things will never change, as I did,” she says, “and then you come to see that the tiniest movements in mind and body can awaken entirely new worlds of possibility, that’s a 180 degree shift. Everyone can stir the quantum field, make the shifts they want, and experience a healthier future on our wholesome planet.”

Loom of Love

In 2006, Dr. Marya Mann, together with other devoted doctors, healers and therapists, founded the Loom of Love, a Center for Conscious Arts located in West Hawaii, the Big Island.

The Loom of Love is dedicated to exploring and expanding human awareness and creative potential. Its mission is to inspire men, women and children around the world to become clear and purposeful masters of their fate. By dedicating ourselves to helping others through private and group consulting sessions, educational seminars, keynote addresses, multi-media products, and art events, we inspire people to achieve their creative goals. Through discourse, meditations, movement, and music, we empower people to make the quantum leap, and to shift the causal dynamics of humanity on planet Earth from service to the ego to the service of love.

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