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Now Creates Your Fate!

Kona Coast Wellness Presents Award-Winning Author and Motivational Speaker Dr. Marya Mann

Contact us at 1-808-345-0050 to have Dr. Marya present at your next event:

Orientation & Welcome Week
Arts Leadership Program
Career-related Events
Diversity Programs
Motivation and Empowerment Assemblies
Creativity Playshops for Accelerated Learning

“You have very upbeat playful energy that inspires so many. You have walked your talk so your authenticity is very helpful to others. Thank you!” – Sharon Maser, Director of the Women’s School of Healing Arts & Sciences, Santa Rosa, CA

“Your Loom of Love is a wonderful catalyst for everyone to learn how to play again. What inspires further spontaneity is the environment that has been well nurtured with ceremony and movement. The exercise that really stimulates creativity is when we catch and throw our vocal and physical colors around the circle. This exercise alone pushes self-consciousness away, and creates space for the inhibited part of me to come out and play. You are doing an excellent job bringing people together.” Susan Seitz, Former Member Services Representative, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, CA

“I realized the wonderment of EXPERIENCING THE LOOM OF LOVE for the first time. Everyone was so present and nurturing in the field you create, and the feeling will stay with me. Thank you.” — Jeffrey Eisenstadt, Business Consultant, Sebastopol, CA

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Call 1-808-345-0050 to find out how to bring Dr. Marya to your School or College

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