Sanctuary of the Soul

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“I’m going to ask you to close your eyes in a minute, so you can engage the bliss state.”

Everyone should know about this refuge, where you can literally sit inside the Sanctuary of your Soul and feel such a unified state of consciousness that you become a calm center seeing everything and everyone in accord.


With everyone running around like crazy people, you can relax in the bliss state, because you know who you are, a being of light sharing time and space with other light beings. This is not meta-physics. This is physics.

Normally, in this precious human life, we hold to a subliminal, cosmological pattern in the mind that denies our quantum potential, the Soul nature. We think: we’re on planet Earth, we’re in a town, a room, a family. Up is up and down is down. Your parents, ancestors, and friends, unless they are awakened, are all projecting their world picture on you and on everything.

If you step back from that for a moment, and feel your Soul, you see that each of us are particle waves of light, each a flame of the Soul carrying their own world picture of themselves around. Sometimes these world pictures are a kaleidoscope of unquestioned, subconscious views which can obscure the natural emanation of our inner light.

Spend one minute in your Sanctuary of the Soul

In the Sanctuary of the Soul, we evaluate the world picture, the beliefs, thoughts, and psychosomatic holding patterns, seeing that each frame of reference refers to a life situation that may no longer exist. Pain is often the result of a false self world picture painted in response to a former situation.

When you close your eyes, your world picture changes. You shift your attention, focusing inside your body. From here, with the focus of your mind, you can see what’s real. The locked-up particle waves in your cells, the world map, is loosened and liberated by deep, conscious breathing, which awakens the miracle of light.

Observed, named, and released, all suffering vanishes, washed away in cascades of brilliant light that feels like the sun in love with the moon. You feel safe in your body, loving in the heart, calm in the mind, and bliss in your spirit, bringing all parts of yourself into one balanced, centered, self-transforming whole.

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Spend one minute in your Sanctuary of the Soul. Slowly breathe in, receive the bliss. Slowly breathe out, broadcast the bliss. From your powerful center, moment by moment, you affect everything in the world. Why not radiate your bliss? Why not come home to the Soul?

There is never a foreclosure on this one true home, and when you’re in balance inside, everything in the outside world is more in balance too.

Guided Visualization

You can read the instructions written here into a recording device or if you’d like to purchase the guided visualization MP3 with Marya’s voice and the music of Jas, please visit the online store.

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