Schedule Autumn 2019 - New Vision, Ancient Wisdom Series

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Friday, September 6th: Yoga for Freedom:

Relief for Neck, Shoulder, Hip, & Knee Pain through Gentle Prana Healing

Saturday, September 28th Workshop: Restorative Yoga

Svadyaya – Explore the Continuum of Self, Soul, and World

Friday, October 4th: Yoga for a Radiant Body

Experience Gentle Attunement & Toning. Renew digestive, nervous, & cardiovascular systems w/ Asana, Mudra, Mantra, & Breath

Saturday, October 26th Workshop: Fascial Fitness & Indra’s Net

Learn 3 Key Integrative Yoga Practices for Body, Energy, & Spatial Interconnectivity

Friday, November 1st: Yoga for Happiness

Loving Life after Loss, Trauma, or Disease Kundalini breathwork, laughter yoga, & loving-kindness meditations

Saturday, November 23rd Workshop: Soul Medicine

Learn 3 Sacred Kapu of the Spiritual Warrior & Soul Cluster Empowerment

Friday, December 6th: Patanjali’s Sutras & the Peaceful Flow

Deepen into the essence of practice in light of the progression through 8 Limbs in the Classical Tree of Yoga

YOGA FLOW CLASS Fridays, 9:30 – 11 am, $15-20- Drop-ins Welcome!

Please register here:

WORKSHOPS Saturdays, 1-4 pm, $45

Please Pre-register by calling 808-345-0050.

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