Breath is Big Medicine

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The most natural action in the world can save your life, improve your health, heighten your joy, and deepen your insight, strength, and sensual aliveness.

Complete Breathing was first shown to me in a yoga class, but once I sensed the balanced being who emerged to witness the rhythm, depth, and flow of a Complete Breath, I became a reverential partner in the biodance. This simple method brings us back into union with our original life pulse, our Soul, and there is no pleasure or treasure like it.

A complete breath completes you, because it wakes up the spaces in the body that may have been numb, wounded, or polluted because of toxic thoughts, substances, and environmental situations. It transforms body and mind into a sacred space by releasing tension and clearing the mind. Refreshed by the breath, 600 trillion cells floating in your body receive the gift of prana, the life force.

During a walk, for example, complete breathing allows you to inspire fully into the pelvis, expanding the abdomen. You then continue to fill the center of the torso, and finish by expanding the higher chest, neck, and head with delicious breath. After a pause, exhale slowly. Empty the belly, the chest, the head, and pause, relaxed without grasping, until the natural inbreath restores the natural rhythm and helps to balance consciousness.

Connecting the conscious inhalation to a pause at end of the inhale, to the beginning of the exhale, the long exhalation, and then a pause at the end of the exhale before the new inhalation is a circular breath. Practicing even a few moments of circular breathing tunes us into the larger circles of life. Harmonious streams of joy inspire you and spread everywhere around you.

Smiling, we are happy to be alive. This is Vasya, the flow of creative grace.

Enjoy the Complete Breath. Enjoy Vasya!

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