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“Since meeting and working with Marya my life has significantly transformed. Her wealth of knowledge, acute and accurate perceptions of core issues and dedication to a compassionate, loving, and holistic approach in clearing and healing blocks have strengthened me and opened me to discovering a true vision of my highest and best path.” — Rachel Martin, Artist

Quantum Leap Creativity is believing in the power of what you do. It is engaging that power to develop flexibility, spontaneity, and space awareness. Through Buddhist contemplative art practices, we bring movement, music, theater, and dance into our quest for enlightenment. We take meditation into action; and we give more creativity and spirit to life.

Quantum Leap Creativity fosters humor, gentleness, harmony, contentment, and wisdom. Creativity may not seem at first like the best way to pursue enlightenment, but we humans are creative and learning systems. To keep the wisdom channels open and the divine current circulating, we need arenas where our dormant energies are called forth. We thrive in ensemble arts practice where our original gifts are encouraged, refined, and become part of larger offerings to the energetic fabric of the Universe, the “Loom of Love.”

What does Quantum Leap Creativity look like?

Higher education has never been so much fun. When you consciously enter the quantum zone, solo, partner, and group creativity practices become contemplative forms to explore Plato’s famous Triangle, his Ideal for the most fulfilling human life — Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

Through a warm-up movement circle, partner meditations, dialogues, improvisations, and trust techniques that build gentle strength in the community, you’ll fluff up your synapses, brighten up your genius, and feel more love. You’ll stretch and exercise the fullest range of your Soul.

The Process

QLC is a 5-stage process. We work in partnership with you to customize, design, deliver and support behaviors which maximize creativity, minimize stress and align people with organizational objectives.

  1. Gathering Resources
    We start by looking at your needs and developing a set of training modules that address the dynamics of your organization and your overall training objectives.
  2. Scoring the “Performance”
    We customize the QLC training modules to fit your organizational needs. We offer a powerful set of practical tools, skills and experiences that benefit you and your company physically, mentally and emotionally in the training process.
  3. Secrets of Creation
    The training modules are a vehicle to leverage the existing talents and resources within your organization. By tapping the subconscious, 95% of the mind’s power is unleashed. When aligned with the conscious mind, we can forge reliable pathways to the “superconscious mind.”
  4. Light Workouts of the Imagination
    Our innovative approach includes Self-Inquiry, Partnered Creative Action, and Group Ensemble experiences that encourage involvement, optimal learning and direct applications in the workplace.
  5. Integration and Valuation
    As part of our service, we provide a follow-up session designed to leverage your training investment. We review key concepts and tools, training impact and prioritize the next steps to reinforce ongoing creativity.

Quantum Leap Creativity Services

Through years of working with hundreds of individuals, businesses and organizations, our services and programs have helped teams and corporations fulfill their visions. We provide you with vehicles to access and leverage all the creative resources within your organization.

To find out more, please contact us.

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