11/23 A Living Buddha

75 thich nhat hanh quotes

This long year, 2020, deserves to be topped off with a salute to our Souls, highlighting the opportunity we have for awakening as a species! The trouble is we think we have plenty of time. Time for peace. Time for forgiveness. Time for the holy truth we have desired. But the time we seek is now. Take a moment to pause, breathe, and drop out of the running mind and into the living, breathing body. more

11/15 The Power of Words -- A Poem


THE POWER OF WORDS I came home like a flame with no wood to kiss When kind Words sat me down to reminisce About a time I would become so incensed I could almost wet myself in complicated bliss. “Don’t ask me why fury triggered me,” I said as I wiped dust from my cheek, “Ire inspired a weird ecstasy, a spike in my serenity. Tell me, Words, is this an occupational hazard? A writer’s more

11/2 Letter from the Future | January 20, 2025

biden and harris

Letter from the Future, January 20, 2025 “Your imagination is a preview of coming attractions.” — Albert Einstein Today in Washington DC, President-elect Kamala Harris is about to be sworn in. When she was chosen as Joe Biden’s running mate in 2020, many thought her rise to become the 47th U. S. President would be undercut by her history. In her early career as a Black California prosecutor, she walked the razor’s edge between confronting more

10/25 Yoga, Change, & Wristy Business

giraffes confused

Stick your neck out! Celebrate the beauty, power, and depth of your embodiment. Evolutionary Yoga Flow is a Yoga System that keeps you fit, but it’s not just a fitness program. It’s a path to a sacred life and a medicine basket brimming with goodness to help us live in a world built on Oneness, guided by Nature. Join in the Evolutionary Yoga Flow and stay inspired by your freedom to move, freedom from suffering, more

10/12 Your Spiritual Center | Candlelit Renewal | Gibran

Namaste in gold

Free Online Gift | Live Gentle Yoga to rejuvenate your cells and uplift your Soul ALOHA FRIENDS, YOGIS, AND CULTURAL CREATIVES! Everything and everyone has a spiritual center. When we are stressed, hurt, traumatized, or feel at a loss, we tend to disown the hurt part while the good part goes on with life. We reject the angry, needy, shameful parts, and for a time it seems to work. But we start to feel depleted. more

10/5 Radical Empathy | Yoga to Awaken

Giving hand to hand

Aloha, Friend! Radical empathy is when we send get well wishes instead of I-told-you-sos to those who did super-risky things even though being warned they were a danger. Radical empathy is when your tiny son shows up at 3 am at the side of the bed with bad dreams and wants to crawl in bed with you, and you comfort him. Radial empathy is when your 16-hour workday just got longer because your friend or more

9/28 Enchanted Loom | A Poem

Isis in Egyptian Yoga

Something bugs me. Is it the flutter of a wing? Who is nagging me in this dark cave, Where I move as a light beam? Is it a snake, a mirror, the River Styx, An blessing arrow, a barb, a mosquito, or all six? How do we interpret when something happens? The mind designs stories, to survive, In the world or intrinsically, narratives Arrange events, feelings, and atoms, Hoping to find the way to thrive. more

9/6 Can Quarantine be a Yoga Sanctuary?

yoga cobra to sea

There’s a lot going on. Which is why I’m giving you a gift, a free online Yoga class to soothe your nerves and boost your immune system. Find the link below… So much of human life on Earth – from how we work, love, eat, commune, and shop, to how we think, emote, and manage time — has changed in just the last six months, that many feel a kind of delayed whiplash from our more

8/28 The Mask Task - All for One and One for All

people wearing face mask for protection 3957986 1600x1071

Wearing or not wearing masks may make the difference between life and death from the coronavirus, so it’s essential we keep each other informed with our best research and understanding on how to best cope in these transformational times. I love fresh air, the breeze on my face, the smile on my lips, and working and playing in close connection with friends and beloveds. And I still do that. I dislike masks. I still think more

8/24 Ecstatic Birds Want to Know

Nature and Sky

Aloha, Noble Friend! Here’s a poem I wrote about the sadness many of us may feel over the pandemic. Yes, there are problems and disagreements over what to do. Yes, there is loss and fear. But here’s the BIG YES: there is transformation. We are the movement that fills changing dynamics with new possibilities. Make light of it all, know what you believe, and why, and for the love of our children and elders, please more
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