2/18 Hank Wesselman, 1941 - 2021

Hank Jill and Makua kahuan elder 2

“The soul, like the moon, is new, and always new again.” – Lalla Yogiswari For three days, the energies in my body wanted to stop moving. I avoided everything that might make me feel my heavy heart after losing our friend and mentor, Hank Barnard Wesselman, who died at Kona Community Hospital on Monday, February 15th. I was numb, sad, and angry with the “suffering brings wisdom” paradigm. As if Karma were wise and compassionate! more

2/10 Feel the Flow of Prana | Sat. 2-13

Light body meditator

Aloha, Friends! I trust you are well — or on your way to being well. The intention is that we are entering the best time of our lives. How can I say that, with our planet in peril, wild polarizations, and a pandemic raging? Nature is calling us to be more mindful, more connected, and more compassionate. If we hear Nature’s call, we will evolve and embody the Soul. When we smooth out the breath, more

2/3 Yoga Empowerment | FREE Event February 6th

hands around earth

Aloha Friends! The next few fleeting moments are yours, but they will echo for hundreds of thousands, even millions, of years. This is one of the most important times to be alive in the history of life, for so much is at stake. You are invited to know strength, humility, and reverence in the face of this challenge. You are invited to gather with other kindred spirits at this Saturdays’ February 6th FREE ONLINE Event, more

1/29 Power & Origins of Ritual | Feb. 6 Event

stepping stones in water with halo

Pathways to Bliss – Enhance your Somatic, Cognitive and Spiritual Alignment FREE Online Event | February 6th Yoga Ceremony | The Power of Rites How to help the world and our families through these extraordinary times is a hot topic of debate. Should we volunteer, work extra hours, tutor children, make paintings or a dance, write our congresspeople, write a poem or book, or run for public office? Must we run away from it all? more

1/25 Anti-Viral Paradise | DIY Protection

Essential oil plants

ANTI-VIRAL PARADISE | DIY PROTECTION Legend tells of four Thieves during the Black Death plague in the Middle Ages who robbed the dead but never contracted the disease. When finally caught, they revealed they had rubbed their bodies with an essential oil mixture to avoid the plague, which we now know as Thieves Oil. True or not, the legendary blend of essential oils has endured for centuries, and with good reason. Leading-edge research shows the more

1/17 Martin Luther King | The Sweet Spot


“You can kill the dreamer, but you can’t kill the dream.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Aloha, Friends! He bequeathed to us such heroic passion for justice that everyone who is conscious loves Martin Luther King, Jr. As he is being celebrated on Monday for his vision and goodness, I recall reading his blunt assessment of society: “We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters or perish together as fools.” A gifted pastor more

1/11 Letter to Doug | Slavery | Embody Peace

Bandaged heart

Aloha Doug and Friends! Something I never thought I’d be hearing on the U.S. news in my lifetime is this: “The Capital has been secured.” A right-wing white supremacist mob rioting in the people’s temple to democracy. An insurrection. A low point in our human history. But also, it is a contrast we need to see, to create something fresh, a turning point. Doug wrote to us right before the siege on the democratic electoral more



What is the Renaissance you seek? Six Blossoms for 2021 —- “All the world’s movements, apparent chaos, and suffering I now know happen in the Splendid Unison: Our tambourines are striking the same thigh.” — Hafiz —- Aloha, Dear One! Happy New Year, or Hau’oli (Happy) Makahiki (year) Hou (new)! Humanity is fragile but love and learning have the power to strengthen, protect, and guide us. You are so precious to me, and to many more

12/26 It's About Thyme | You are the Gift!


“An exchange between two people, or reciprocity, keeps the gift-giving in a closed-loop, but gifts shared with a circle of friends or with Creation as a whole, spark a special kind of magic in the gift.” Oh, Blessed Christmastime! While wrapping a gift this year – a live French Thyme plant for my partner – I was eager for Christmas morning when he would open it. I could give thanks for all the days, hours, more

12/18 Solstice Gifts of Spirit | Yummy Yoga

Here we are   Notes for Living on Planet Earth illustrated by Oliver Jeffers

Give yourself to love. Let me hear your laughter, Stop your worries, create more fun, Fly among our neighbors, the stars, And cherish the One who gives life, Our Sun. We are all in an ancient relationship with the Sun. Winter Solstice is a time when the Sun seems to “stand still.” Standing still is a powerful metaphor for the collection of expanding energies available in this season, and a reminder of how learning to more
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