11/23 Inspiration, Gratitude, Lahaina, & LT Smooth

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Aloha Graceful Ones! So much to celebrate now, this moment! And tomorrow. And tomorrow and tomorrow. This Thankful Season, I am grateful you are in my life. Grateful for being alive, for Koakane’s radiant health restoration, and for good friends, artist collaborators, educators, parents, uncles, and aunts, and most of all, the children who inspire and are inspired by you, by me, by us together. THE MUSIC OF LIFE I am excited to share with more

8/10 Climate-Change Fires or a Livable Planet? Think again....

Map of Fires on Globe 8 10 2023

Dear Wonderful Friends, Mahalo for your calls and emails about the fires in Hawai’i. My broken open heart goes out to the families of those lost and left homeless, to everyone on the islands, and to all of us on Earth. Naming what’s true is the only thing that soothes my grief and horror over the destruction of global warming. Naming things is creation itself in indigenous cultures. The magic happens when you realize that more

6/3 Dr. Green's Recovery - Invitation for Healing

Koa and Kulia overlooking mountains

Aloha Friends! So many of you have asked how to help Koakane — Dr. Green to most — during this difficult time. As he recovers from several devastating issues that hit him all at once — hemorrhagic stroke, kidney disease, a UTI, and prostate problems — he needs our support. Lest you think him unhealthy, know that he is one of the healthiest people I know — in so many way — but his early more

5/9 Violence -- A Story We Can End

protect our kids not your guns

If my father had kept an ice pick in the left bottom drawer of his desk, I doubt that my brother would have taken it one night and stabbed himself to death. Instead, at 20, in a moment of rage, he picked up the Colt .45 my Dad kept there and shot himself in the head, dying instantly. It’s oxymoronic that some people actually call this gun a “Peacemaker.” Most guns, while originally used to more

5/4 An Astonishing Story -- Mini-UN Makes "Peace Shift"

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Dear ArtWavEs Community! We’re all painting on the great Canvas of Love, and I trust your compositions are masterpieces! The aspiring peacepainters at Kealakehe Elementary School are certainly creating “master-peaces,” original and salient silk paintings for peace in their hearts, and more astonishing, peace in the world. It amazes me, but what the children say about it and how it turns into kindness and harmony is even more striking. Working with the AWE team this more

4/28 The Power of Art & the Love Wave

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Hey everyone. Aloha kakahiaka! I am feeling good, like a major love wave is washing over me with Ho’oponopono, bringing things back into balance. The love wave came out of an encounter with a ten-year-old boy who had been hateful one day before, but who made the turnaround from bully to artist on Day Two of our Peace Arts Intensive at Kealakehe Elementary School. Transformations and metamorphoses happen all the time during an ArtWavEs’ experience, more

4/20 Rites of Passage for Peace Arts: EMTs of the Future

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Deciding it’s just another rite of passage does wonders for my mood. Realizing the heartbreak I feel from the news of violence, guns, poverty, and war doesn’t need to paralyze me. I can keep breathing deeply, flowing in harmony with what is, a divine plan, an antediluvian way of learning through conflict, and not get caught up in the trauma dramas so many people do, like I used to. It felt awful to live in more

1/27 ArtWavEs Kealakehe Elementary School Project

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Aloha Kakou! Life is a flow of joyful energies and stumbling blocks. It’s also a series of moments when we can turn those blocks into stepping stones. At ArtWavEs (AWE) we help children to turn struggle into truth and beauty. We offer moments that help them thrive through hope, creativity, and peacemaking. Moments to see how their actions matter and that kindness matters. Moments to experience how art is mightier than the sword, Moments to more

1/1 The Gift of Gratitude | Volunteers, Donors, & Council of AWE

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January 1, 2023 Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou! Happy New Year! I want to wish you a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2023! A thrilling ripple runs through my body and soul, stirring another wish — to share the Gift of Gratitude. We are busier than ever preparing for the next phase of ArtWavEs with our upcoming series of workshops, recordings, and organizational growth to give children and families the nourishment they need to thrive in the next more

12/29 Day 7 | The Gift of Children of War Becoming Children of Peace


Aloha Kakou! (Love to us all) “This may be the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” said Kate, pushing back her burgundy hair with wet fingers. Green, blue, and gold paints now smudged her ear in colors matching the silk Peace Flag in front of her. At 11, she had just painted her first Peace Flag for her family, and she was ecstatic, ready to make another flag as a gift for “children of more
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