9/28 Butterfly Dreams | Live Free Event 10-2

Hands and chakras

Aloha, Friends, Yogis, and Conscious Creators! We are in the in-between, a parenthetical state, the liminal time when the world that was, no longer exists, and the world to come is still evolving. Intuition tells us that everything is not as it seems. Layers upon layers of perception, feeling, and meaning appear, even if we’re just walking along a beach, gazing up at the Sky, or enjoying the butterflies sipping pollen from magenta and lavender more

9/22 Sacred World | FREE Masterclass

Namaste in gold

Aloha, Friends, Yogis, and Cultural Creatives! While cycles like the seasons or phases of the Moon seem unchanging and assured, the Earth is shape-shifting. As cells in the Earth body, we too are flowing into new forms, formlessness, and evolving systems. The more ready and resilient we are, the more aliveness and evolutionary fervor we have to foster a saner world, and the more we can help to recover the sacred world. The sacred world more

8/12 Evolutionary Jumps | Online Yoga for Pure Energy

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Aloha, Friends! Are you ready to re-imagine what else is possible. For yourself, your family, our community, and the planet? By drawing on the powers of pure energy, connection to the Divine, and visionary potentials, any or all of us can produce a sudden evolutionary jump known to scientists as Punctuated Equilibrium. When lifeforms change quickly, they can manage to become a new species. There are many thresholds to cross as we integrate new skills more

8/6 The Honi, Happiness, & Light Hearts: FREE Onine Event

Hands with light rainbows

Dear Friends! Light-heartedness is a wondrous thing. On the phone yesterday, a friend said, “There are so many awful things happening right now. Global warming, planetary collapse, the pandemic, fires everywhere. And I have a dozen fire ant bites to prove it! I feel like I’m having a nervous breakdown — but I’ve had too many breakdowns in my life to be nervous!” When we both laughed, I knew she would be okay. Lifted by more

7/8 Connect with Nature Spirits to Tend the Earth

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We call nature spirits by many names — fairies, devas, elves, forest guardians, and forest angels. Some people refer to them as the little people or the hidden folk. The hidden folk are recognized by people all over the world. Menehune are the mythological dwarf people in Hawaiian tradition who are said to live in forests and valleys of the Hawaiian Islands, mostly hidden and far away from humans. Over the past 15 years, I more

6/28 Yoga as Self-Renewal | FREE CLASS

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Aloha, Beautiful Spirits! Yoga is yoga, right? If you take 15 minutes or an hour and do Yoga, you are refreshed. Yes, and …not all yoga is equally refreshing for everyone. There are so many kinds of yoga to choose from, and each of them is a work of art, just as every human being is a work of art, an evolving process of intention, creativity, and insight. At heart, Yoga is the art of more

6/4 Awakening our True Nature | June 5 Free Event


When we heal our roots, we discover the rhythms of Nature and Spirit deep within our spines and radiating into every pulsing, living cell. We sense new possibilities for our future. We realize, like Hafiz, that “All the world’s movements, apparent chaos, and suffering I now know happen in the Splendid Unison: Our tambourines are striking the same thigh.” The healing of our roots is at the heart of our work to recover and realign more

6/1 Losing Yourself to Find Yourself | Soul Blessings

Light body meditator

Aloha, Wise Beings! The morning rains had bathed the atmosphere in rich golden hues on the day I went to a spiritual center to give a talk several weeks ago. Everything had that earthy scent that comes after a fresh shower. After my talk, a young woman I knew walked me to my car and said, “Can I ask a question?” “Please do,” I said. “And thank you for asking.” “I feel like I need more


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Aloha, Noble Friends, Podners, and Cultural Creatives! Honoring the land, teachings, and communities of Hawaii this May, I’d like to share what the Kahuna Nui Hale Kealohalani Makua said were the most important rules for living a pono life. The three kapu, or sacred vows, of the Spiritual Warrior, he said, are needed for clarity, balance, health, and abundance. Whether you’ve never heard them before, or this reminder comes at an auspicious time, Hale Makua’s more

4/21 Lovegram to the Earth | A Sacred Vow

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Fragile things and people can be hurt. Tribalism too drains others of self-worth, But finding our kin in everything, Restores us as saints, shape-shifters, Singers and ants, all bonded in Earth, Welcoming the rebirth. So find your light, hear the soul note. Raise the love vibe in your silky throat. Don’t worry what others said or did Don’t let them get your goat. For you have power and holy threads, Just sew yourself a new more
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