8/11 Quan Yin: Joyful Yoga Vision

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Be happy. Be healthy. Be hopeful. “One legend says that after struggling to understand the needs of so many whose cries she heard, Quan Yin’s head split into eleven pieces. I can relate, having felt that way just this morning!” Aloha, Friends! Even if life is handing you difficulties, your ability to love and feel compassion is growing. No one is left out in the arena of problems, suffering, and loss. (Don’t you wish?) But more

7/31 Healing with Yoga in the Spirit Worlds


Be you. Be here. Belong. Aloha, Friends! The first time I felt how the tiniest micromovements inside my body could restore the larger connection to sacred movements of the Universe, ecstasy flowed from my soul. At first, the ecstasy was a surprise. Every organ and limb had been bruised or broken from a car accident. I was resting on a blanket under an oak tree, feeling the wind touching my cheek. I could not move, more

7/11 Mountain Celebrates Being a Million Years Old Today

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What we really know is Today we are touched by grace Moved by an infinity of creation Energized with green growth At play in our sacred world What we really know is how to sit Lift our bodies, minds, and spirits Orchestrate a new friendship Remember the All That Is needs us To belly breathe so we hear and harmonize What we really know is we become new When we sit as a lotus flower more

6/27 Quantum Healing for the Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court on Thursday overturned a New York gun law. On Friday, the High Court, in a 5-4 decision, overturned Roe v. Wade. How do we overturn those wrong turns? THINK OF POLKA DOTS A friend said to me, “I don’t know what’s the matter with people. They’re making decisions that work against their own best interests, against the survival of our species, against the planet? What is wrong with people?” It was the more

5/16 3 Keys to Illuminating Yoga | Feeling. Fascia. Flow

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Aloha Friends! While there are thousands of reasons and ways to illuminate your Soul, I want to share with you 3 Keys to Yoga illumination: Feeling. Fascia. And Flow. How we move, breathe, express, and think depends on the state of trillions of cells in our body. Cells are broadcasting and receiving stations that thrive when nourished and weaken when depleted. Finding our body’s sweet spot — our balanced bio-mechanical, fluid, and energetic ‘happy place’ more

4/27 Yoga, Art, and Remembering to Remember

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Aloha, Friends! In the age of the atom bomb, the internet, another war, a pandemic, and the rapid disappearance of other species from this Earth, it takes a certain level of Candide-like optimism to get up before dawn every morning and intend that we can both be good and do good in the world. Considering the alternative — giving in to the dominant self-destructive paradigm — such passionate optimism often awakens me at 2 or more


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MOONBATHING AT MIDNIGHT For refugees from the corporate war paradigm Knowers, creators, and perfectionists who consider suicide As civilization goes deep into the shadow lands And it’s hard to see the triple rainbows, First, let go of the idea Love is not on our side. We will break through, not downslide. This prescription comes from the Sun. It is not a joke, not a threat, but a diagnosis In the ancient way of gnosis from more

12/16 Yoga Dance for Humanity | Solstice Healing

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Enjoy the Gifts of Energy! Lucid, illuminating, and inspired energy flows through you and our sweet beautiful Earth. As we move through a full-body, full-spectrum Yoga celebration of life this Saturday, December 18th, we invite the Sun’s powerful Solstice rays to clarify and uplift our shared humanity. This is a very special time of year. All of our ancestors in every part of the globe knew that Winter Solstice attunements carry profound healing energy. This more

9/28 Butterfly Dreams | Live Free Event 10-2

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Aloha, Friends, Yogis, and Conscious Creators! We are in the in-between, a parenthetical state, the liminal time when the world that was, no longer exists, and the world to come is still evolving. Intuition tells us that everything is not as it seems. Layers upon layers of perception, feeling, and meaning appear, even if we’re just walking along a beach, gazing up at the Sky, or enjoying the butterflies sipping pollen from magenta and lavender more

9/22 Sacred World | FREE Masterclass

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Aloha, Friends, Yogis, and Cultural Creatives! While cycles like the seasons or phases of the Moon seem unchanging and assured, the Earth is shape-shifting. As cells in the Earth body, we too are flowing into new forms, formlessness, and evolving systems. The more ready and resilient we are, the more aliveness and evolutionary fervor we have to foster a saner world, and the more we can help to recover the sacred world. The sacred world more
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