9/6 Can Quarantine be a Yoga Sanctuary?

yoga cobra to sea

There’s a lot going on. Which is why I’m giving you a gift, a free online Yoga class to soothe your nerves and boost your immune system. Find the link below… So much of human life on Earth – from how we work, love, eat, commune, and shop, to how we think, emote, and manage time — has changed in just the last six months, that many feel a kind of delayed whiplash from our more

8/28 The Mask Task - All for One and One for All

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Wearing or not wearing masks may make the difference between life and death from the coronavirus, so it’s essential we keep each other informed with our best research and understanding on how to best cope in these transformational times. I love fresh air, the breeze on my face, the smile on my lips, and working and playing in close connection with friends and beloveds. And I still do that. I dislike masks. I still think more

8/24 Ecstatic Birds Want to Know

Nature and Sky

Aloha, Noble Friend! Here’s a poem I wrote about the sadness many of us may feel over the pandemic. Yes, there are problems and disagreements over what to do. Yes, there is loss and fear. But here’s the BIG YES: there is transformation. We are the movement that fills changing dynamics with new possibilities. Make light of it all, know what you believe, and why, and for the love of our children and elders, please more

6/22 The Sacred Purpose of Being Human

earth inside heart hands

Aloha, Everyone! Are you feeling the afterglow of Summer Solstice, the summit of full summer? The ceremonies in Hawaii at the Peace Gardens fill me with hope in equal balance with hopelessness. At the moment of greatest global darkness, a luminosity arises. The extremes are a good sign that the spiritual revolution is in process. It started when we realized how extreme opposites in unity, bonded in a sacred marriage, have led to the pregnancy, more

4/12 Imagine We Are Risen | Easter Flower Power

Pink Supermoon April 2020   Antonin Husek StarStaX IMG 4400 IMG 4416 lighten 1586305263 lg

Flower Power Made Easy Crazy Wisdom comes pouring out of the cracking in every heart, the openings of every humble vessel, all of us, grappling, goofy, connecting, seeking, solving, fearing, calming, and caring. For the love of the gods, I declare, this time will be different! This Easter, the Resurrection will be permanent. We don’t have to go back into the dark cave, the cocoon, the Dark Night of the Soul. We will remember to more

3/23 Yoga Video | Our Healing Earth | COVID-19 Proclamation

Hands holding earth

Aloha, Friends, Yogis, Cultural Creatives, and Neighbors! We are all part of this healing Earth. Isolated health is an illusion. Healing ourselves and working to resolve the contradictions in the human-Earth ecology is the same work. The current pandemic reminds me that the Universe doesn’t do anything against us. It is FOR us. The coronavirus pandemic is FOR us, not against us. We will come out of this more whole, more richly integrated, and more more

3/16 Evolution to Pandemic Solutions | Yoga & Climate Change, Part 4

Here We Are   Notes for Living on Planet Earth illus  by Oliver Jeffers

The Big Bang was the moment everything started, when the building blocks of all life burst into action 13.7 billion years ago. Atoms, cells, bacteria, little bugs like viruses and fleas, fish, four-leggeds, two-leggeds and flying things flourished. Now, as our pale blue dot in the ocean of space roasts in a global fever, we face massive threats to our survival and planetary health, but it’s not too late to ask why and how we more

3/12 Morning Songs | Ancestral Symphonies

Wheel of Healing

This morning, when the sun had not yet risen and showers of first light were spreading wings over the volcanoes, I listened for the sound. Looking out at the fertile hills of Hawaii, I saw the growth of beauty and heard heavenly music from every bird and blade of grass. The last time I remembered feeling so awed by the symphony of life was the day I came out of the coma and remembered that more

11/12 Emotions & Manifestation | Yoga & Climate Change, Part 3

manasa and atman

SACRED MOMENTS There is a sense of magic in some prayers. They move us beyond the superficial words to the depths of our inner worlds. Speak aloud this traditional Ute prayer, an invocation to the world of the spirits. Feel the soothing sounds and visual images settle into you. Let your nervous system feel their subtle effects, savoring the prayer’s meaning. “Earth teach me stillness, as the grasses are stilled with light. Earth teach me more

10/31 Halloween & Our Ancestors | Yoga for Happiness

Halloween 2

Halloween may have lost much of its spiritual significance for costumed Trick or Treaters and candy-stuffed nightwalkers, but Celtic and Druidic traditions of the harvest, feasting, and meeting up with the ancestors have survived for a lucky few. In Hawaii, this is the start of Makahiki, a three-month-long celebration when regional clans complete the harvest, put aside status and rivalries, lay down their swords, and feast, make art, serve offerings, play games, and aim communal more
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