Photo, Art, & Heart Credits

The people who have blessed my life with their vision, skill, love, and talent are many and marvelous. Thank you!

The professionals who have helped to make this website an inspiration to the imagination deserve special recognition, for they offered significant threads that helped the whole fabric come together.

Thank you, John Maguire, for your endearing photo of me in the backyard of Jack London’s sister Elizabeth’s old house on a dry creek in Glen Ellen, CA, and for all the love you give!

Blessings to Judy Lowe for your moving dance photography in the calendar and throughout these pages, and how you move people to keep moving in this crazy wonderful life.

Radiant streams of gratitude to Shandi, aka Sandy Murphey, for her spiritual radiance in life as well as in her soul-stirring photos.

May luminous divine diligence hold hands with a visionary in her own right, Pomaika’i Coulon, who helped navigate through some mighty storms and kept us sailing smoothly.

From the address in my hip hop hula heart to the mailbox in his elegant waltz, I offer a letter of love to Dr. Koakane Green for burning the midnight oil going over every page to weed out the terrible typos and refusing to accept the slightest shred of soulless syntax.

For the amazing design of this site, and the invisible configurations behind it, I want to thank two people who have earned the name webmaster. The handiwork of Warren and Patra Cardinal of Lucid Crew runs through every page. Their website design skills, thorough comprehension of our mission, and encouraging tutorials have allowed us to create a website that balances your brain, opens your heart, and calms your mind while it tickles your funny bone.

Our intention was always to cyber-sculpt a “Creative Arts Sanctuary,” rather than just another website. How exciting to discover then how the whole morphed into something else altogether — a webwork of art!

I hope it inspires you who are reading this as much as the creation of it inspired us. Thank you visiting! Be sure to browse through the shop. There are lots of juicy, joyful downloads, writings, and videos to inspire your Creative Renewal.

Thank you for taking a look!

Mahalo nui loa! (“Thank you very much” in Hawaiian)

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