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A new client, Toni C., called me from New York City, NY, for a Quantum Healing session recently, I felt honored, as I always do with people who are willing collaborate from their own heights and depths in this spiritual detective work of revealing the true essence.

She had a remarkable transformation and wrote me an exuberant letter. When you feel you have discovered a unique way to support people through suffering, change, and planting the seeds of happiness, you want to share it with everyone who suffers. But you don’t. I don’t anyway. Or I do with resistance. I don’t want to be rude.

Still, when a person’s life can move from paralyzing pain to vitalizing and wholehearted joy in life — often in just a few minutes -that’s not rude. That’s keeping people in the dark when most, really, want to stand in the light.

If you are unsure what Quantum Healing is, Toni sums it up beautifully. BECAUSE she and I both want you to know there is hope, your suffering can stop, and you can regain the pleasure in life you deserve, here goes:

“Marya is an enlightened and inspirational being! Her spiritual gifts and divine knowledge are unparalleled! I had the pleasure of speaking with Marya for a one on one healing session to help me overcome a past trauma that caused consistent PTSD in my day to day life. The process was both fast and effective!

I found her methodology of healing through the Quantum Field to be most helpful. Using a technique that Marya invented, where she has you recall your future memories, I was able to erase and reprogram the old mental pictures, and emotions associated with the traumatic event and replace it with a healthy and empowered vision of my future self. Truly genius!

Each day I use the meditation she personally created for me to reinforce this powerful subliminal mind message. I am happy to report that little by little I am drawing my happy future reality to me with much success!

I highly recommend working with this compassionate and wise soul, to better your life in every capacity!

Many Blessings,
Toni C.

Mahalo nui loa for your kind words, Toni! By helping others know there is a next step which can be the last step they ever need to heal from chronic anxiety and PTSD, you have made the world healthier and happier. I am deeply grateful!

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