The Heart of Yoga Service | Wake up the Dreamer Workshop

Uniting Body, Energy & Space

Sunday, May 17 at 10 am at the New Thought Center of Hawaii

Dr. Marya Mann, celebrated teacher, wellness activist and artist, will share ways that Yoga evolves, blossoming into Creativity as a Life Path. Her visionary work brings Soul Food and Nutrition to the community and transforms the lives of everyone who experiences it. Unique, interactive, collaborative and playful, she celebrates children, our future and the heart of healthy relationships.

The Heart of Yoga teaches us to. . .
• Synchronize the mind, body & breath.
• Tune into subtle messages from creation.
• Realize inner spiritual truth and presence in the outer world.
• Navigate the unified field, our common ground of being.
• Work and play in genuine, creative, sustaining relationships with the web of life.

Please visit www.NEWTHOUGHTCENTEROFHAWAII.COM for directions and to register for the workshop on the next Saturday, May 23rd.

A Workshop Journey to Embody Your Soul

Saturday, May 23, 1 – 4 pm

The entire spectrum of Yoga emerged from its essence, expressed in the word Yoga, which means “to unite, to merge.” A living art and science, Yoga offers an experience of wholeness, an alignment of inner spiritual truth and presence in the outer world.

Through synchronization of the mind, body and breath, we learn to navigate the unified field, often called our common ground of being, the Dreamtime, the Akashic Field, and more recently, the quantum field. We’ll review some of the ancient, cultural and modern practices of yoga in relation to the quest for the True Self in genuine relationship with the web of life and place them in the context of our biological growth as well as our planet’s natural history.

Based on three subtle anatomies – the primordial, cultural and cosmic – and the developmental movement patterns that structure optimal human functioning, this workshop will “Wake Up the Dreamer” by restoring integrity to the four foundations of mindfulness, integrating the five energy sheathes, and learning how levity works with gravity to affirm a balanced life.

When we let go and get out of our own way, the Soul emerges with grace, direction and courage to organize our authentic lives. Obstacles presented by physical, psychological, social and spiritual materialism in the modern age may appear daunting, but with our unwavering devotion to the coherence and unity of body, energy and space, we stay centered, aligned and awakened, fulfilling our boldest dreams.

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