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Our closest relationships are among the most significant facets of our lives. Whether we want to stay close to our own deep heart, or with our loved ones, colleagues, and all of Nature, these intrapersonal, interpersonal, and transpersonal relationships interweave in a universal web of vibrant, life-enriching energy

When we aspire to learn ways to nourish these meaningful relationships to better reflect the world we desire, we discover the subconscious, conscious, and superconscious levels of this web. As we skillfully navigate among these three levels of our perception, we awaken more vitality to live and love as the best version of yourself. This changes everything. You start living the life you are meant to live, with balance, mutual empowerment, and more satisfying personal and professional relationsips.

In Relationship Balances…

… we collaborate to address 12 energy points in the body which may be congested from residue of past experience. We identify and clear away congestion, imprint new flow patterns in the body, and wake up the seeds of your soul ignited in your body at birth and growing since then to fulfill your life purpose.

Relationship Balances help you to…

-establish safe space and respectful boundaries.

-formulate and receive what you desire in relationships.

-release, clear, and transform old, unskillful habit patterns.

-transform impediments into stepping stones, where personal issues with others are welcome reminders of who we are and what we choose.

-realize your wholesome and unconditional compassion, which is the underpinning of intimacy and communications at all levels.

-focus your inner wisdom and energy on your true purpose for greater harmony, health, and happiness.

Do you value your relationships with spouse, lover, parents, children, spouses, friends, and co-workers?

Are you ready for the freedom to understand the lessons to be learned in every relationship?

Ready for the confidence you’ll feel from a clearer perspective?

Wouldn’t it be great to know how to find rapport and trust in all your closest relationships?

You will learn how to create this sense of safety and how to feel more at ease with both difficult issues and the full range of happiness and pleasure available to you.

The Relationship Balances are confidential, effective processes that allow you to focus energy on what you want in life and literally grow new brain pathways to encourage your wholesome vision as the path of least resistance.

What happens in most physical and psychological therapies is that they separate the body and mind. In Quantum Healing and PSYCH-K, we address the bodymind together so that the physical layering of false belief — what you don’t want — in the subconscious body, can be dissolved. False notions give way to the more powerful truth, and when they are replaced with true beliefs. you align your powers to manifest what you DO want.

It takes courage sometimes to look at ourselves and shine a spotlight on where may have innocently installed a false belief. But we can quickly and easily transform unconscious patterns into the higher visions. And the rewards are too great to let fear hold us back.

Is it time for you to take the steps to live the life your were meant to live and have the relationships you’ve always wanted?

Call and find out more detail, at 808-345-0050, or schedule a session now.

Sessions occur in my office, via Zoom or Skype, or seaside at the Refuge Temple in Hawaii or other sacred sites on the Big Island.

To schedule a session, send me a note in the contact form below with the time you would like to meet, your chosen venue, and we’ll get back to you right away.

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