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Aloha, Friend!

We are earthen vessels moved by the light. At times, we might have more flux than flow, and fortunately, Yoga moves us away from the realm of struggle in the midst of flux, and into the flow state, the realms of comfort, empowerment, and grace.

How do we stay aligned with our true power, which is always inside of us and always available?

If we have nourished inner spaces of protection, energy healing, and our souls’ evolution, we stay curious. Our inner knowing comes from honest inquiry and trust that we embody a peaceful, trustworthy field that attracts more and more good, and where good things come out of even the most difficult pain. Everything is a miracle.

Recently, a student asked me how she will know if her yoga is working. Even though she wanted to practice at home between classes, she was having a hard time staying committed to regular sessions.

“You know your yoga is working,” I said, “not because it makes your body feel better or your body look better, even though it does that. But yoga works at a deeper level by shifting your ability to be present, even in conflict, where you actually can use the tools so you don’t get overwhelmed.

“You stay in your body, breathing in your heart center, embracing the core of light, and then you are able to be in present time. You can make choices that feel unified, grounded, and meaningful for all.”

So, how does she do that, she asks.

“Staying present with your dithering is a good first step. Do a meditation of just closing your eyes and breathing a Perfect Ten for a minute or two, or lay out your mat in the morning and take 15 minutes for vinyasa. Choose small baby steps. The path will grow stronger with every step you take.”

She accepted that and agreed she could do the small steps. Small changes inevitably give big results. You just have to keep doing them.

I could have said you know yoga is working when the body, mind, and spirit feel synchronized and smooth, or it’s when you notice subtle pleasurable shifts in the nervous system patterning that happen and again. When you find yourself smiling and blissful for no good reason. And when you feel better and better as new neural networks fire, chakras open, and sheathes clear.

It’s not about the size of your body or your age or your abilities. Yes, you will open your hamstrings and oxygenate and moisturize the net of connective tissue in the body. But at its heart, yoga is about the journey to discover how open your heart can be and how to set boundaries with integrity and compassion.

Do you know how to identify your triggers, breathe, and balance the energy with a flow state? Do you create a space in personal and work relationships so that people who got hurt in the past can feel again? Do you offer a sense of safety or protection that helps others to own and transform their triggers?

You know your yoga is working if your internal space is a conducive environment for life to flourish, where your Soul as Seer is seen and known, and you nourish a world where everyone has room to grow and is finding more and more truth, beauty and goodness.

Most of us are processing a tremendous amount of ancestral trauma during these transitional times, and this is good. As we clear cellular memories in the flesh, we also open up more space for the Source to continue to manifest more and more good in our world of form.

Oh se da! (It is good!in Tsalagi)

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WHAT: Root out the old and breathe in fresh new energy!
Total Body Stretch, Mind Cleansing, Soul Awakening

WHY: Meditation and Restoration for a Light Heart & Healthy Planet

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