The Mask Task - All for One and One for All

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Wearing or not wearing masks may make the difference between life and death from the coronavirus, so it’s essential we keep each other informed with our best research and understanding on how to best cope in these transformational times.

I love fresh air, the breeze on my face, the smile on my lips, and working and playing in close connection with friends and beloveds. And I still do that. I dislike masks. I still think we ought to call them veils, because the word, mask, is too tainted with negative associations. Still, they are troublesome and uncomfortable, while the scientific research on their community use is still evolving.

Do I ever wear one? You bet. And here’s why: it’s a public health technique to minimize the spread of COVID-19 by keeping the respiratory droplets that carry the virus particles from being spewed out from your mouth and nose to perhaps be inhaled by people close to you. Simple breathing, coughing, or sneezing can propel the droplets 6 feet or more from you. When you wear a mask, it is not FOR you; it is FOR others, unless it is an N-95 mask.

Like Dr. Bruce Lipton, I believe our thoughts directly impact reality and we need to keep our intentions and actions focused on what builds strength and resilience. Envision the best and be prepared for anything.

My intention, the non-physical part of me, establishes health directly in my body with the mental-emotional imprint: I am healthy. I believe I maintain health with my feelings and thoughts as much as through my food, exercise, and the company I keep. I also care about those who don’t believe their thoughts have power, or who seem unable to harness energy to manifest a new reality.

My continual energy clearing gives me protection and a sense of safety. My belief in my own safety also enhances my ability to have compassion for others who have not developed those skills. When I wear a mask, I am protecting others. I am also recognizing how fortunate I am to have learned how Yogic breathing and Energy Medicine enhance the immune system.

Most people suppose their beliefs are uncontrollable. Their three-dimensional, five-sensory world view has taught them to believe they are powerless. They think they have no control over how they react to what happens, which terrifies them.

Then they must cope with not one, but three pandemics identified by Dr. Deepak Chopra: “One is COVID-19, the transmission of which can be mitigated by everything we’re doing (with) social and physical distancing. Then there’s another global pandemic: the economic crisis that is going to lead to as much suffering as the virus itself. And then the third pandemic, which I don’t know why people aren’t talking about it: the pandemic of stress. By stress I mean unmitigated fear, a sense of frustration, anger, resentment, grievances – almost like grief. Nobody is talking about the unmitigated stress and panic, which actually is as dangerous and devastating as the infection itself, if not more.”

Many who claim the pandemic is a hoax need to step back, stop worrying, and start looking at history, specifically the Spanish influenza pandemic of 1918. The first wave stopped, sparing cities like San Francisco and St. Louis because they enacted strict policies, banning public gatherings, shuttering schools, and mandating masks in public. These municipalities saw significantly lower death rates. After the first wave, all over the globe, people went back to business as usual, and then the second wave returned.

It was then that 40 million people died. In the U. S., most areas are not out of the first wave yet, and right now, there are almost certainly people sparking new transmission clusters. Can we stop it? Yes, and sooner rather than later if we are mindful of public health needs.

Someone wrote recently that masks were not needed because of a series of studies on surgical nurses and doctors. Are they going to wear masks? In a suite with a patient who is spewing virus particles with every breath, yes. It is standard care. And they are disposing of mask, gown, and gloves the minute they leave the suite and using a new set upon going back in. (Read Palmer’s post below to help evaluate a recent posting on surgical masks.)

Do you and I — who are family, or in our immediate circles — do we wear masks? No, not in our intimate togetherness.

When we are in close contact with others outside our intimate circle, in enclosed spaces outside the family bubble, or in crowds outside or inside, or around people travelling from areas with large outbreaks? Yes, we wear masks.

Do I know of any studies showing the efficacy of mask wearing in the community? The body of research is growing. The science behind mask-wearing – like so much of the science related to the COVID-19 pandemic – remains a work-in-progress, but together with smaller event-holding and physical distancing, science shows that masks make a positive difference.

I don’t think we need to socially distance – that’s another faulty word choice in the public arena. We can stay social, and be even more social, while still HONORING THE PHYSICAL DISTANCE. Our social brains need social interaction! Physical and social mean different things. We are being social here in our communication but may be miles apart physically.

Is it even safe to wear a mask? Yes, if you’re breathing properly. (Read on for details on this)

Do masks offer people a sense of security and safety? Yes, for some it does. And it’s not simply a placebo. The evidence for mask efficacy in overcoming the pandemic is growing.

Do masks irritate a lot of people? Yes, and I am one of them. Here’s the main point to grasp: the evidence that masks protect others in community settings has been shown. So it’s worth being safe now rather than sorry later. A little discomfort to end the pandemic is not too much to ask.

Some are asking me to believe that the pandemic is a dystopian plot by super-intelligent reptilian capitalists to pipe in MSM (Mainstream Media) to people in lockdown and force elderly people to feel isolated and wear a mask sitting alone in their private backyard.

And I say, If you believe that people are malevolent enough to purposefully kill people, cripple world economies, and devastate the planet, then I would have to agree there’s much evidence for that, but I invite you to refocus your beliefs on the good that’s in most people and let that thought help to grow more compassion in all of us. Why attribute maliciousness to something that’s probably just incompetence?

I believe that the sins humanity has perpetrated in the world are more unconscious than purposeful. But it is conscious clarity of purpose that will get us through this Great Turning and Great Healing.

Sure, the oligarchs are doing what they think benefits them. But aren’t we better off recognizing they can evolve too, imagining that they will realize a sense of responsibility for the whole by understanding they too are fibers of light in one web of life?

We can be skeptical without being cynical. If you think about getting sick and feel fear, then you are probably going to get sick. If you think mostly about your health and vitality, then that is probably what you will be — for the most part. Remember, we are multi-sensory beings living in 3-D reality. Physical laws still apply, no matter how potent the non-physical instructions. While we might often feel levity, there is still gravity.

On the other hand, can mask-wearing be dangerous? Yes, it can. People who breathe improperly (most people) or have respiratory compromise or a poor immune system, may have difficulty. They can recirculate internal infectious agents back into their bodies. They may not know that breathing in and out exclusively through the nose has a protective effect by producing nitric oxide which helps our body uptake more oxygen and also acts as an antibacterial and antiviral.

While we can’t say that nasal breathing inhibits replication of the COVID-19 virus it seems prudent to breathe through our nose given its well-known role in general immune defense.

Keeping the tongue up in the roof of the mouth and keeping a straight spine means that when we breathe through our nose, the air can get to the base of the lungs easier.

This engages the diaphragm and helps slow down the breath and also stimulates the lymphatic system.
Slowing down the breath allows better gas exchange in the blood so more oxygen can get to the cells where it’s needed to help us make more immune cells.

Place your hands on your belly. As you breathe in, try to make that part of the belly move out. Breathing out, feel the bowl of the belly sink in and center you in your hara, your center.

I’m hoping this information may help those who are feeling anxious about the current situation, and I am sorry that some feel hostile about wearing masks, but if we are careful, people can love, play, and work and still protect others.

Superspreading events like the one in Boston last February at the Biogen conference could occur again, and it would be worse than before. People without masks congregated without protection and were responsible for hundreds of infections which are still being felt around the world. By April, the distinctive viral sub-strain swirled through two Massachusetts homeless shelters, infecting 12 people before contributing to the nearly 178,000 deaths from the virus to date in the U. S. alone.

In New Zealand, my friend from Christchurch told me that they had nearly eradicated the outbreak and so opened up entry into the country to new immigration. One family carrying the virus came in, and through contact tracing it was found they infected 80 people. The lockdown and masks had worked until then, and so the country went back into lockdown, determined to make their islands safe.

I don’t want to frighten anyone. There is enough of that. But we can be sensible and get through this. The evidence on all sides of the mask issue is compelling. Exploring mindfully, we can discover truth. Hostility and limited thinking only confuse the issues. We all feel passionate about this, but respectful dialogue and reasonable safety measures can see us through — by listening, allowing, and loving.

Dr. Chopra recommends good sleep, eating healthy, exercise, yoga, and meditation. He also says this is a good time to reflect.

“This is an opportunity to recognize the fact that you took your existence for granted, everybody thinks this is how it should be, this is how we lived,” Chopra says.

Wherever you are on the mask issue, right now ask yourself, what you are grateful for, and as soon as you think about it, feelings, images, thoughts, and sensations will arise and alleviate your stress. He goes on to say don’t force yourself to be positive.

“A forced positive mind can be a turbulent mind, what you need is a quiet mind which is a healing mind, “ said Chopra. “And don’t forget to practice love in action. Love without action is meaningless. Action without love is irrelevant, “ said Chopra.

Remember, 50% of people in our world who have been infected and are transmitting coronavirus are asymptomatic. You may be one of them. Do you want to risk hurting others?

Take care, Everyone…. of yourselves and each other.

May the guidance and guardians of this place and in your being shower light and peace upon you!

Marya Mann, Ph.D.

Dr. Karen Kan recommends these simple methods for self-care. In addition, the herb ELDERBERRY can be very effective in limiting how the virus attaches to cells.

Water is essential for life and needed to help flush out toxins, protect our organs and helps carries nutrients in the blood. It helps us make saliva, stomach acid and helps moisten the air as it passes into the lungs. Please keep hydrated.

Sleep is the time for our body to repair and the cells to regenerate. Getting some good quality sleep will help boost your immune system and allow your immune system to become more robust. Doing some guided meditation before bed really helps and it slows down our breath.

Vitamin D is essential for numerous functions in the body and especially for the immune system. Try to get outside when you can to absorb light onto your skin. Light at sunrise has less damaging UVA rays.

Magnesium is a mineral essential for over 350 reactions in the body especially to help the body absorb vitamin D. Epsom salts are a great way for your body to absorb magnesium. This will also help your body detox and help you sleep.

These foods contain compounds that are highly antiviral. If you make soups and stews, fry off onions and garlic before cooking the main vegetables. Bulk cook and store in the freezer.

This mega nutrient is a potent antiviral for influenza – green leafy veg, yellow pepper and citrus are brilliant sources. The herb thyme is a great way of adding extra vitamin C

Foods with omega 3 reduce inflammation. Tinned mackerel, sardines and tuna are a great source and easy to store. They will keep you filled up for longer as they contain healthy fats. Fish is also a great source of ZINC which is essential for the immune system. While I don’t eat fish or meat, I do take a fish oil supplement in addition to flax seed for omega 3 support.

Colorful foods contain antioxidants which helps the body protect itself against harmful damage by free radicals. Soups and stews again are a great way to get lots of color. Add herbs and spices for an extra boost.

When you are feeling anxious, bring yourself back into the NOW in this way: ;
• Name five things you can see in the room with you.
• Name four things you can feel.
• Name three things you can hear right now.
• Name two things you can smell right now.
• Name one good thing about yourself.

Once you have calmed yourself, revert to nasal breathing, deep into the belly and think of the clean oxygen getting to the cells where it’s needed.

Big love to everyone!

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“In the end, remember who you are is timeless awareness, the consciousness that was born into your body. You were born a child of the spirit, and even now you can turn toward the awareness, and become the loving awareness that witnesses yourself reading and feeling and reflecting.” – Jack Kornfield, Buddhist teacher

Palmer’s post on surgical masks:
Palmer wrote: “I have read a number of the references in one of the postings (previously). What struck me is that they all deal with the lack of benefit in wearing surgical masks in the operating room environment. The key here is “THE OPERATING ROOM ENVIRONMENT”. These studies, while they may be insightful in the hospital setting, are not applicable to the benefit of wearing masks to
prevent the spread of viruses in “normal public settings”. Why? Operating
rooms are already sterile, so there well may be little incremental benefit
to the use of surgical masks in the operating room, since any virus count
is already very low or non-existent. As you can imagine, the situation is
much different in the public setting, where the threat of the virus is much
more present. In a situation where one is doing strenuous physical activity,
or already has compromised oxygen intake, then and only then, the
risk/reward may not favor the use of masks.” — Palmer Vaughn

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