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Wed-Mon 2021, Dec 1-Feb 28, 2022 , Kealakekua HI


Aloha, Dear Reader!

This is the perfect moment to reflect on the values, thoughts, feelings, and actions that create our destiny. So, I am inspired and grateful to be devoting three months to deepening in a sabbatical and writing retreat. At this pivotal time, moving in new directions for me means focusing on a book that is calling me for completion and other creative projects which I hope to share with you soon.

We live in a heady time, with ancient and bitter tribalist cultures accelerating the destruction of the natural world, while at the same time, the human spirit is more resilient and innovative than ever. We hold the keys to creating the best of all possible worlds, or the worst. We choose. We are the creators.

I choose the Great Heart in a great global awakening! What is the Great Heart?

Join me in the next breath to take a mini-sabbatical into the Great Heart. Creative rejuvenation and time for reflection have benefits not only for an individual, but for the whole planet and the thriving of all beings. When we take a sacred pause and listen, we are rejuvenated by a presence. Listen to your heart. Listening from the inner ears to the heart connects us to our inner intelligence. As the body relaxes, worry ceases. You are free to feel your basic goodness and your mind is cleansed of everything unlike your goodness.

Know that I am listening to my heart too. And millions of people are listening to their hearts, turning away from the unloving structures and systems which humanity has built. As more humans listen to their hearts and deconstruct old dominator-focused structures, we become spacious, more gentle with the Earth, and more partner-focused with each other.

In this way, we reach out to each other and come together, merged at the level of basic goodness. In the spirit of the Great Heart. I’ll see you there!

Private clients are welcome in my studio, at sacred Hawaiian sites, via phone, and on Zoom.

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See well! Be well! Dance well!

Namaste! Marya

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