PSYCH-K vs. Traditional Therapy

Can you compare why I might want to call someone on the phone for a PSYCH-K Session as opposed to hypnotherapy, or going to see my regular therapist?

Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy are wonderful ways to explore and produce results at a certain level of consciousness. Our thoughts become beliefs and our beliefs become matter, so when we change the thoughts we have about matters, matter changes.

We have to be very careful what thoughts we continue to allow to run through our minds. PSYCH-K is the most successful method for instigating and accelerating change at the level of cellular memory and thought to develop since Carl Jung identified the Four Functions of the Psyche.

When we go to psychotherapy, sometimes the story of what’s wrong gets repeated so many times it becomes a regular rut, a neural groove, a negative love pattern, and repeating the old story rigidifies the conscious and unconscious mind. PSYCH-K offers a whole new paradigm.

Your thoughts and beliefs can be moved toward healthy patterns when you use multi-sensory methods to change and focus the unconscious mind. Your subconscious beliefs establish the limits of what you can achieve, and even one PSYCH-K Phone Consultation will change what you believe, and can change your life for the better, forever. If you don’t like what you are experiencing, you can change it by changing your beliefs at the superconsicous, conscious, and subconscious levels.

More About PSYCH-K

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