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Discover the ocean of movement inside you that brings health, peace, and creativity to all your movements. Restorative Yoga soothes the nervous system, awakens fluidity in the spine, and relieves suffering. It fosters Svadyaya — study of the True Self, your Soul – and encourages inner peace, an essential facet of your personal happiness that creates more peace in the world.

When the spine remembers its undulating capacity, it makes all our actions more vibrant and potent. We enter the continuum of fluid movement, a space of meditative awareness and inner connectivity, that amplifies the sacred parts of your being and improves your ability to relate mindfully to others and the evolving planet.

In this 3-hour Restorative Yoga workshop, you’ll learn how pleasurable, efficient movement releases extraneous tension and wakes up the interconnectivity of Self, Soul, and the World. Revitalizing stretches, micro-movements, and meditative awareness in a supportive setting offer more peace and bodily strength than you may ever have experienced. You’ll find a more profound sense of self-love and acceptance emerge when you slow down the pace of life and let the good things catch up with you.

- Explore options for poses to bring comfort to your body, heart, mind, & spirit
- Develop sensitivity for greater self-care and integrity
- Learn to adapt poses for home practice using bed, couches, chairs, and walls
- Receive a handout describing the poses and resources for further study.

Your inner peace is a great gift to the world, and there’s no better place to nurture peace than at Paleaku Gardens Peace Sanctuary, seven acres of peaceful beauty nestled in the heart of South Kona overlooking Kealakekua Bay and the National Park Place of Refuge. Numerous shrines and statues honor many religions and traditions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism. Taoism, and Hinduism.

Attend and befriend your body, heart, and mind in this 3-hour workshop! How we move is how we live. May it be peaceful!

Pre-registration required! Please register here. Mahalo nui loa!

83-5401 Painted Church Road
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For more details, contact Kona Coast Yoga & Wellness at 808-345-0050

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