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With the holidays upon us — and a pandemic adding additional stress and more tension than usual — there is nothing more important than our peace of mind. Amid obstacles and opposing forces, which might be the news, relatives, or an eruption from our own mind, we can stay focused on the true, balanced, centered, and the good. We can stay attentive to our Souls.

“We are all searching for the beautiful but are conditioned to see ugliness, to be fascinated by the bad news, to get sucked into someone else’s drama, to become gossips and pessimists,” says Alberto Villoldo, PhD. But we can consciously breathe into our soulful presence and experience freedom from stress.

Free from stress, we can articulate and cultivate our vision for a Healthy Planet. Breathing with Nature’s Wisdom, we are empowered. We don’t let ourselves get “sucked into someone else’s drama,” as Alberto says.

Through Yoga for your Soul, you’ll deepen and enrich your unique spiritual aspiration for the Great Healing of our Earth.

We appreciate the clean lands we live on, the clear waters and skies, the ancestral roots that run like rivers in our blood, and for the future we envision.

Yoga for Your Soul unifies us with Creation and the larger spheres of life, giving us the capacities we need to nurture and health our ailing planet.

WHEN: Saturdays, December 5th, 12th, & 19th, at 10 AM HST (12 PM PST, 2 PM CST, 4 PM EST)

WHERE: Please join us ONLINE. You’ll receive Zoom Keys after you REGISTER HERE!

WHY: This Gentle, Invigorating Sacred Movement Class is….

The Fee is $30 for all three classes or $12 per class. You will receive Zoom keys to attend after you register. Call 808-345-0050 for more information.

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