Rainbows, Hot Tubs, & Heavenly AWE

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Rainbows, like love, have their own kind of legacy.

When we call in the Rainbows, many wishes are granted. They appear everywhere in Hawaii, as perennial as the rain itself. For what are rainbows, but the joyful weeping of the clouds infused with sunlight?

Double Rainbow on my Birthday Photograph by Koakane Green

When they moved here 25 years ago, Deb and Lori saw rainbows everywhere. They became caretakers of a fertile hillside up St. John’s Road and opened Mamalahoa Hot Tubs & Massage to take special care of the people. Last year, they added the children of ArtWavEs to their caretaking kuleana — purpose in life —by giving their unique love for rainbows an added dimension.

At ArtWavEs events, rainbows are revered, not only since they have been esteemed in Hawaiian legend and around the world for millennia, but also because the vibrant display of colors in the sky help to teach children about painting — how all the colors of the rainbow are honored and blend in harmony toward a more beautiful world.

Circle Rainbow from Helicopter   Molokai Island in back    credit   Steven Businger

Rainbows in Hawaiian culture

“The beauty of rainbows resonates with many people,” says “rainbow chaser” Steven Businger, an atmospheric scientist and professor in the University of Hawaii Mānoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology. Businger says that rainbows can be a way to connect with the beauty of Nature.

At a more supernatural level, they also teach us the spirit of Aloha. When you see the radiance of the island lights, setting down their colorful bows over green and golden mountains, what do you feel? Seeing, sensing, and being inspired by its beauty, a rainbow calms our hearts and minds. It brings us happiness – the spirit of Aloha – which brings about peace and agreement, the truth of the soul.

These natural wonders rouse us all. Who hasn’t hiked up misty volcanic peaks for just a momentary peek at these fantastic beams of color? Or run out of the house in the middle of breakfast to photograph a double rainbow?

Rainbow Wisdom For AWE

At ArtWavEs events sponsored by Deb and Lori, like the recent one at Humanity Hale in Holualoa, we visualize rainbows around us as the ancient Hawaiians did, wearing a cape of rainbows and radiating light from the chakras as the Yogis do. It is said in island lore that when people disconnected from the rainbows, they started becoming angry, jealous, and violent.

Returning the rainbows to their rightful place emanating from and through our bodies, connecting us with each other and the outer rainbows through the breath – Alo-ha (facing the breath in Polynesian languages) – we restore the rainbow wisdom.

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Through ArtWavEs – AWE for short — children learn to welcome their innate ball of light into the world with warm and bright Aloha!

The hands-on experience of making beauty and peace by designing, painting, and collaborating to inspire and serve others — it offers a thrill like no other. It’s spine-tingling to know that they have served another and made the world more magnificent through their creativity, kindness, and art. Children for peace may not save the entire world, but it does make the world a better place. Weaving together our spaces for goodness to grow and for Aloha to thrive, we expand the circle of peace and kindness.

KEALAKEHE banner making

Philanthropists Support AWE & Children for Peace

A rainbow is a sky sign made of light in the atmosphere, a ghost arc above horizons. Its other half is earthbound and often buried deep. When the rainbow is seen, it is a reminder to connect to our spiritual nature, and our inner energy, and find the colors lost to our lives.

It was only a matter of time before Deb and Lori found the ArtWavEs rainbow teachings of peace and harmony aligned with their Mamalahoa Hot Tubs vision for a calmer, better world.
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Starting with the name Pacific ArtWavEs – Pacific is a Portuguese word for peaceful and ArtWavEs depicts the AWE and magic of art for transformation— it made sense for them to offer Peace Arts scholarships to children.

We aim to be a “rainbow lineage” for the keiki – children – who are in need of direction during a trying time. Just as sunlight and water make rainbows, we believe that physical abundance and spiritual luminosity make good and balanced lives. We aspire to help them bridge practical nutrition, living arts, and the vibrant energy of their dreams, intentions, and imagination.

Kealakehe banner hands making

Hawaiian tradition points to many different kinds of rainbows that spark reverence, health, and connections among the many realms we inhabit. Ancestors and spirit helpers reside on the Ka Po Makole, the Night Rainbow, and can be called upon for healing and knowledge. There are Earth-clinging rainbows known as ‘uakoko,’ standing pillars of color known as ‘kāhili,’ faintly visible rainbows called ‘punakea,’ and moonbows, ‘ānuenue kau pō’, visible only in the light of the moon.

From sacred symbols to colorful displays of physics, rainbows, like Aloha, offer delights for everyone! Rainbows feel good, true, and wholesome. Their colors recharge the energy radiance, the mana, that is every child’s birthright. Feeling the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet hues connects us with the subtle vibrations of Nature and integrates us with the universal life energy of the bio-field.

Rainbows can show us remarkable new paths!

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Mamalahoa Hot Tubs & Massage

Tucked into a residential neighborhood above Kealakekua, Mamalahoa Hot Tubs is a serene rainforest space for Aloha to grow. Like a secret hideaway, it comes as a magical reward after a short walk up a rainforest trail aglow with tiki torches. Visitors and local health-seekers find this is the place to go when they want to renew their bodies and feed their souls.

Lori and Deb, who met in the Bay Area in 1987, started building community on the Mainland before moving to Kealakekua in 1999. Since then, they’ve been building community in West Hawaii by offering people a welcome alternative to the larger Kohala Coast resort spas.
Deb at Hot Tub

Their impeccably maintained tubs are enclosed in teak wood and rest in their own thatched gazebos with roof portholes for stargazing. Before or after the Hawaiian lomilomi, couples, or hot-stone massage, soaking in the 6 ft. tubs soothes the tissues and calms the senses. A true paradise, inside and out.

“Absolutely amazing!” one visitor said. “The absolute best massage I ever had,” said another. And “It was absolute heaven!” one visitor claimed, adding, “You must add this to your travel plans if you are coming to the Big Island!”

Rainbow raining out of Hawaiian cloud

Spirit of the Rainbows

At ArtWavEs, we feel grateful to have sponsors like Mamalahoa Hot Tubs. Understanding that peace is at the heart of a safe and healthy future for coming generations, our partners in creativity and kindness uplift us all – especially the children.

As we weave our Rainbow colors together for the good of our spirits, for future families, and to make art that makes the world more peaceful, we remind ourselves to stay connected to our bodies, mindful of our hearts, and kind to our minds.

There’s so much happening in the world that could make us anxious, even fearful, but when connected within, we can connect better with each other. Our mutual compassion flourishes. It’s easier to maintain good boundaries and a healthy flow toward coherence when we stay connected inside, and both ArtWavEs and a long soak in a special hot tub will support these significant connections and every new adventure.

If you think about rainbows as eyes that see into the world beyond, you will sense the spirit of the rainbows in Hawaiian culture. Rainbows often symbolize a boundary; the colorful bridge across the sky signifies the veil between the Source, realms of the gods and ancestors, and the Earthly realms of the humans.
Kealakehe Elementary Banners at NTC

The veil is also a pathway that enables the Soul to migrate between the Upper and Lower Realms. Anyone who lives like a human as they enjoy earthly abundance and who also moves back and forth between Heaven and Earth is considered to be divine. They stay connected to the Spirit of Aloha through peace, kindness, and the beauty of the rainbows.

ArtWavEs is a Group of Professionals

We are interested in improving the quality of life for children recovering from lives lived in a war machine. We inspire hope, confidence, and clarity about a pathway to peace on Earth.

This includes providing access to art spaces and peace arts guide training, educational support, and skills-building workshops to supplement the education they are already receiving from their schools.

Aloha is like the rainbows, and like Deb and Lori, strong, tender, and beautiful – a great gift to the world and to whoever is touched by them.

Rainbow over Oahu  Credit Steven Businger

Allow the spirit of the rainbows to shine from your soul. And join in the AWEsome endeavor of a lifetime, of many lifetimes. If you know or have children who would benefit from ArtWavEs, or if you would like to sponsor children to receive ArtWavEs training, or be a volunteer, please contact us at 808-345-0050.

And please support our sponsors. You, too, will be awed!

Aloha nui loa!
Marya and the ArtWavEs Family
Stay in touch: pacificartwaves@gmail.com

Mamalahoa Hot Tubs & Massage
81-1016 St. John’s Rd.
Kealakekua, Hawaii 96750 USA
Phone for Appointments: 808-323–2288


We appreciate your support!

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