12/24 Day 5 | The Gift of Sharing with Nature

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BALINESE OFFERINGS AND CHRISTMAS GIVING While wrapping a gift one year – a live French Thyme plant for my partner – I felt eager for Christmas when he would open it. In that moment, the gift would show him my thanks for all the days, hours, and time he gives to us. We could celebrate how time flies by and recall how the gift of thyme charms more than the eye, green thumb, and taste more

12/21 Day 4 | The Gift of Friends Helping Friends

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On a Rainy Day (or any day) It rained lions and tigers and bears on Monday in Hawaii, but silk painters braved the elements to arrive at SKEA. Inside, we felt the thunderous balancing dance of Fire and Water from the cave-like pottery studio in South Kona. We stayed warm with our intention to make beauty, have fun, and share peace of mind. With the wind pushing rain sideways, rainy days can give pre-teen painters more

12/17 Day 3 | The Gift of Pictures

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Aloha Kakou! (Love for us all) Thank you for supporting ArtWavEs (AWE) Nourish the Children. Do you recall how, for more than a decade, AWE has nourished, and in some cases saved, young lives through our work? Here is a glimpse of the happy children and some of the goals we have achieved with your generous support…. – Thousands of wholesome meals served at events including our elaborate, joyful Christmas dinners celebrating children, families, and more

12/16 Ten Days of Giving - Day #2 - The Gift of Memory

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Aloha Kakou! Gifts are like drops of nectar in a forest of color. Both giver and receiver replenish and renew. Some people can only see black and white, and when you give a simple gift, it can colorize the world again. Take for instance the gift of memory. It can help us see how positive streams of kindness, compassion, and generosity may be nourished and grow over time, and how thrilling it is when you more

12/5 Lava, Love, & a Peace Flag Blessing

Elvie Debrigit Mauna Loa Volcano

Spatters of lava, fountains of flame, fires sparkling, and haloes flying in the air — a volcanic eruption awes us. A vision, quite literally, like God in the Burning Bush, or Guan Yin, Goddess of a thousand arms, reaching out in rivers of fire, a flowing web of energy that moves mountains and hearts. In Hawaii, the Fire Goddess is known symbolically as Pele, and all physical manifestation emerges from her sacred energy, so she more

11/24 Why Do We Make and Bless Peace Flags?

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Aloha, Friends! To our shared collective blessings, we bow. In this moment, this day, this year, we have much to integrate, accept, and appreciate. Let us count the ways and share our blessings for the children! You are invited to cultivate a sense of gratitude for vigorous new levels of peace, joy, and contentment, to manifest the new Earth we envision. Please come to celebrate your infinite love at a Peace Flag Blessing Ceremony and more

10/30 Embrace the Light | You know your yoga is working when...

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Aloha, Friend! We are earthen vessels moved by the light. At times, we might have more flux than flow, and fortunately, Yoga moves us away from the realm of struggle in the midst of flux, and into the flow state, the realms of comfort, empowerment, and grace. How do we stay aligned with our true power, which is always inside of us and always available? If we have nourished inner spaces of protection, energy healing, more

8/11 Quan Yin: Joyful Yoga Vision

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Be happy. Be healthy. Be hopeful. “One legend says that after struggling to understand the needs of so many whose cries she heard, Quan Yin’s head split into eleven pieces. I can relate, having felt that way just this morning!” Aloha, Friends! Even if life is handing you difficulties, your ability to love and feel compassion is growing. No one is left out in the arena of problems, suffering, and loss. (Don’t you wish?) But more

7/31 Healing with Yoga in the Spirit Worlds


Be you. Be here. Belong. Aloha, Friends! The first time I felt how the tiniest micromovements inside my body could restore the larger connection to sacred movements of the Universe, ecstasy flowed from my soul. At first, the ecstasy was a surprise. Every organ and limb had been bruised or broken from a car accident. I was resting on a blanket under an oak tree, feeling the wind touching my cheek. I could not move, more

7/11 Mountain Celebrates Being a Million Years Old Today

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What we really know is Today we are touched by grace Moved by an infinity of creation Energized with green growth At play in our sacred world What we really know is how to sit Lift our bodies, minds, and spirits Orchestrate a new friendship Remember the All That Is needs us To belly breathe so we hear and harmonize What we really know is we become new When we sit as a lotus flower more
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