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KONA, HI ~ TODAY is my mother’s birthday. Remembering how she always liked to look on the bright side, I wanted to honor her by writing about good things happening in the world. I typed “Good Things Happening in the World” into Google. What came up was. . .nothing!

So I decided to write a Mother’s List of “Good Things Happening in the World.”

With much to heal, fix, work out, create, grow toward, and resolve in our bubbling-with-life universe, we can draw inspiration and fuel for more goodness from wise actions already in the works!

Please pass far and wide:


SUNSHINE! Possibly the most important GOOD THING, the sun has not missed one day’s work in its 4.56 billion year lifetime. Our central star, with a diameter of 1.4 million kilometers (870,000 miles), accounting for 99.9% of all matter in our solar system, still rises every day, blessing us with light, beauty, and magnificence. This is good.

GRATITUDE: Everything else seems workable when we’re grateful for the sun’s massive achievement, and millions of people realized this morning they were still alive enough to feel grateful for the sun. If we’re among them, we’re not dead. This is good.

GOOD-HEARTEDNESS: More people just seem to be doing what feels good in their heart and less of what troubles the mind. This is good.

PEACE: More people are using language to create a vocabulary of peace and partnership rather than using language for domination or as “a tool for concealing the truth,” as George Carlin claimed. Carlin was right about most everything else. He’s the comic who said, “No one knows what’s next, but everybody does it.” This is good.

STEADY FLIGHTS: The moon, ever the charmer, has not cancelled any flights across the night sky, never been hijacked, and like an amiable stewardess, still asks if we want to be happy, sad, teed off, or tantalizing — and we get to choose. This is good.

WATER: Lifting, falling, freezing, steaming, streaming, snowing, rising, descending, delighting, dashing, spirals and arabesques of natural wave-like cycles, the water of life can not be measured. We know that water covers 70 % of our planet, the human adult male body is 60% water, and most adult females, 55%. Water continues to support life. Currents, transportation pathways, weather patterns, food, and joy, but there is no way to measure the sense of the Great Mystery continually streaming through water. Thank you, water! This is good.

EARTH: Right under our very feet, Earth still teaches us about gravity and steady orbits, how to engage with the sun, the moon, and how to play friendly with other brilliant lights. This is good.

CATNAPS: Billions of people have learned to lay back and take catnaps like inventor Thomas Edison did. He never went to bed and slept, but when stressed or tired, he took “power naps” throughout the day to regenerate. The inventor of the light bulb, the tin foil photograph, and the Kinetoscope, a few of his more-than-one-thousand patents, found that naps fueled creativity, improved clarity, and spawned productivity. Thousands of people, at this very moment, are napping, dreaming, and often without even realizing it, meditating or having a shamanic journey that is replenishing their creative soul. This is good.

LIBERIA’S LOVE WARRIOR: Kimmie Weeks has faced civil war, human suffering, and death of his loved ones, but his devoted work has alleviated poverty and human suffering in Africa and around the world.

Born in Liberia 1981, Mr. Weeks investigated and released a groundbreaking report on the Liberian government’s involvement in the training of children as soldiers. As a result of his efforts, in 1998 former Liberian President Charles Taylor made several attempts to assassinate him until he fled Liberia and was granted political asylum in the United States.

Mr. Weeks has formed partnerships to help educate thousands of students in West Africa, lobbied for disarmament of over 20,000 child soldiers, and provided health care and recreation supplies for battered villages.

In the United States, Mr. Weeks established an International organization called Youth Action International to support the needs of families living in post-war countries.  In 2008, Youth Action International’s programs benefited close to 150,000 people in six post war African countries.  Read more and please make a contribution for this vital cause by clicking here:
Youth Action International

THE POLITENESS DIET: Dr. Barry Sears writes: “If we want to maximize our human potential, we have to make our diet compatible with our genetic makeup.” That genetic makeup is dependent on stabilizing blood sugar and ingesting adequate levels of long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids for optimal brain output.

“When somebody has low blood sugar, what’s the last thing on their minds?” he asks. “Politeness. (Violence is…) what happens when you don’t stabilize blood sugar in the brain.” Dr. Sears says that after two or three generations of deficient dietary Omega – 3 fatty acids, neurological difficulties can manifest and the respectful customs that form a society begin to break down.

The best way to jumpstart health and peace in the world is to feed them, says Dr. Sears. We can correct our course of “de-evolution of the human species,” in as little as thirty days, he says, by recognizing the enormous role diet plays on behavior.

To learn more, read Dr. Sears plan for feeding the world in Healing Our Planet, Healing Ourselves

RELIEF EFFORTS: People like Trish Regan and Doug Hackett are fostering powerful hunger relief, educational, lodging, and health care efforts in places like Liberia to nurture, give hope, and bring compassion to people of all cultures. This is good.

NORTH KOREA: I don’t know the backroom details of enlightened self-interest that took place, but the world is starting to behave like a gentleman, at least in this case. Consider that North Korea released two U. S. journalists who walked away with Bill Clinton instead of going to a concentration camp. This is good.

SWEET-TALKING: Speaking of Bill Clinton, everyone and everything in this world has a positive side. Sweet-talking has its place. Read SPREAD SWEETNESS EVERYWHERE below. This is good.

THE LAW OF GROWTH: There is no one right way to grow. Greedy vegetation reaches for the sun at the expense of what slouches underneath. In Hawaii, lava rock cracks and ohia trees, sword ferns, and morning glory vines break through in the fertilizer of fallen leaves and rotting lehua flowers. All in the cycle of volcanic life.

Volcanic movements give birth to hot magma which becomes hard lava in an organic process that transforms Pele’s rocky throne to a playground of variegated green growing at amazing speeds across the landscape. This is good.

LOVE IS THE SUBJECT: May all the good things happening in the world remind us that as we flourish, fly free, and let go of all pain, so does the world. Where love is the subject, it’s also the answer. This is good.

MOMS (and DADS): As the spirit of Mom said to me during one of those Edisonian catnaps, “It’s all vibration anyway, honey. So why not just spread sweetness everywhere?” This is good.

Happy Birthday, Mom. For the Mother in us all! “SPREAD SWEETNESS EVERYWHERE!”

I know this is only a partial list. Please write to me if you have other “Good Things” to share. Click here Write Marya

Mahalo nui loa!
Dr. Marya

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