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At our Kona Coast Yoga & Wellness studio in Kealakekua

Via Zoom, Facetime, or Phone

In Sacred Spaces on Hawai’i Island

If it’s time to unleash your creative energies to live the life you choose to live…

If you no longer want to stand in the way of your larger being expressing through you…

If you are ready to dissolve old knots of physical and mental tension…

If you want to activate your core and ancestral lineages by aligning the three souls — body, breath, and spirit…

Quantum Healing will serve you to open sacred doorways in your spine where your essence and your true self are revealed. Seven doorways rising up the spine, each leading to a different level of wisdom, 8 domains or chakras, each with its own language, sacred spaces, and a pantheon of supportive spirits who offer power, protection, and support when you enter into the Sanctuary of your Soul, your Sacred Garden.

Quantum Healing – Integral Balance in 8 Domains: 1–1.5 hour …$125-150

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