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Do you ever ask yourself, who will I be in 10,000 years? Will I be grateful for the healing we shared and the planetary regeneration we initiated?

Shared healing is born of love, exploration, and relationship repair. We have all we need in the continuum of inner and outer resources to shape and direct our lives but to move past false limits and claim our full potential, we need to both “know” and “do.” By knowing and doing, we discover and integrate the power of personal, collective, and soul intelligence.

In the alchemical vessel of the body, we can transform our primary relationships to the heart, mind, spirit, and the soul’s purpose, our kuleana. As in any deep and long-lasting relationship, we may hit turbulent times, and we need a re-set, a time out of time in ritual, among friends, in Nature or ceremony to review and renew our commitment to the unified state.

This Solstice event on Saturday, June 22, from 1 – 5 pm, offers us the opportunity for renewal. The ancient shamans, yogis, and mystics taught that certain celestial upgrades of the human experience are most powerful at Summer Solstice when the Sun is at its apex in the Northern Hemisphere.

In this guided and improvisational experience, you will:

- Connect deeply with Nature and your True Nature.
- Inspire greater health, more emotional strength, & a heightened spiritual awareness.
- Learn how the Seer’s Rite affects the brain by producing bliss molecules — natural psychedelics — to support psychosomatic health.
- Expand the boundaries of what’s possible in your life by updating internal beliefs.
- Discover undeveloped relationships with your spirit guides.
- Meet the nature spirits of Pualani Terrace, where the workshop will be held in Kealakekua.

The shaman’s practice of journeying and the yogi’s practice of dreaming allow us to break free of time and enter infinity, to discover who you were before you were born and who you will be after you die. This awareness removes much of the fear that pervades our modern culture.

Bring a journal and/or sketch pad, pen, water bottle, a yoga mat and/or blanket, and musical instruments if you have them.

We will explore ways to find inner maps—the guiding principles that steer your life – and journey to the past to recover lost soul parts and to the future to retrieve your destiny.

You will return home knowing how to become a mapmaker, not a map follower.

With Marya Mann, Ph. D. GSD
WHEN: Saturday, June 22, 1 – 5 pm
WHERE: New Thought Center of Hawaii — 81-6587 Mamalahoa Hwy, Kealakekua
HOW: Sign up here! Please ask about Kama’aina specials by calling 808-345-0050.

Wherever you are, feel the growing of joy, peace, and light in every cell of your body, affirming we are made in the image of the brightest spirit, perfect and whole. I look forward to seeing your radiance in Kealakekua!

Blessings and Blossoming for All!

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