Climate-Change Fires or a Livable Planet? Think again....

Map of Fires on Globe 8 10 2023

Dear Wonderful Friends,

Mahalo for your calls and emails about the fires in Hawai’i. My broken open heart goes out to the families of those lost and left homeless, to everyone on the islands, and to all of us on Earth. Naming what’s true is the only thing that soothes my grief and horror over the destruction of global warming.

Naming things is creation itself in indigenous cultures. The magic happens when you realize that if you made something appear, you also have the power to disappear it, to move beyond it. And then the healing time can begin again.

It appears that wildfires are breaking out all over the world. California and Canada are still on fire. Texas has 144 active infernos right now. Globally, Africa takes the hotcake, but Australia is never far behind. Sizzling heat cloaks the planet, as predicted by scientists.

It’s no surprise that unconscious people, unable to accept that their thoughts and actions affect the planet’s fever, are wallowing in the lower depths of the subconscious where, Sigmund Freud told us, the unconscious “death wish” lurks. Hissing into self-sabotaging action unless engaged and harnessed by the higher spirit, the superconscious mind, we see the destructive archetypal drive unfolding.

If you are sending condolences for lives and homes lost to the fires and floods caused by global warming caused by human action, and you’re thinking things can’t get much worse, think again. Things can get very very interesting.

Things can also get better. We could all be functioning well with the conscious mind bringing superconscious light to the thoughts, feelings, and images in the subterranean shadows of the subconscious mind.

Think THAT again and again and again.

Fossil fuels dancing with the death wish, or a livable planet? Hmmm…? Let me think a minute… Of course, the planet! Yes, but…

Your conscious wisdom might tell you that living in an Earth-centered harmony blending love, freedom, community, clarity, and evolutionary creativity is your preference. But if you’re not in touch with your unconscious drives, they may tell you, “Don’t bother. We’re all going to die anyway,” or “Never mind!” and my favorite, “Have fun!”

Indifference is a fool’s notion. Like denial, a river, but this one runs with crocodiles. It’s like there’s a guardian at the bridge crossing the river of dangerous crocodiles, asking if you want to walk over the bridge or go in a boat. And you say, thanks anyway, but I’ll swim, to have fun and get the exercise!

Meanwhile, not taking the higher route or the boat by stopping fossil fuel pollution, is pushing all species, including our own, to the brink of destruction.

What do you think? Should you take the bridge that connects the highest consciousness to the unconscious so you can work things out internally before projecting your death wish all over the planet? (Your family, workmates, friends, and neighbors can also get spattered with death wish vibes, so it’s important to address this, for everyone!)

What do you feel? Maybe you’re angry I would bring this up in a happy-face place like the internet. We’re supposed to buy and sell joy and happiness here, or argument, depending on the great gods we call algorithms.

I hear you! I just think we’re playing dumb if we don’t make the relationship between our grief over the Hawaiian fires, or fires Down Under, the world on fire, and the actions causing the planet’s temperature changes.

We are plunging headlong into full-scale self-annihilation, or maybe not.

Maybe….there’s a bright light, and it’s not driven by fossil fuels. Maybe…we can speak rationally to the unconscious!

Nah! The unconscious doesn’t communicate reasonably. It has its own language of symbols, vibrations, imagery, and magical mantras. The conscious mind has to speak this specific language, which may be different for different people. Without that communication, you may not be able to maneuver through life as a giver and creator of more life and beauty. You may fall victim to the death wish that flourishes in fear, confusion, and haste. People who don’t know the language remain unconscious, destroying them, us, the butterflies, lakes, plants, and bees. People who know the language and can soothe their unconscious death wish into a life wish, can feel and think clearly.

Seeing that so many humans are stuck in the death wish, charging headlong toward disaster and trying to take the rest of us with them, what is the best way for us, our children, and our descendants to enjoy healthy lives? Can we reverse the damage? How do we make the shift? What is the pivot point? Are there many different pivot points driving the wheel that steers our living blue Titanic?

Let’s think this through. In my humble view…beyond electric cars, cutting down on meat, and recycling and growing your own food – all great steps —-there is the domain of group action that can have a huge impact. Four changes will quickly help stop the fires and calm the storms caused by our bloated fossil fuel consumption.

These are the pivot points I’m thinking about. You may have others. They are all worth doing NOW!
Think that the U.S. Congress has stopped subsidizing fossil fuel companies and the rape of the Earth. Long ago, the convenience of cars, lights, ovens, and ACs seemed worth the inconvenience of digging up corpses of decomposing plants and animals from Mother Earth’s crust. It is clearly not worth it. Not at the level we are exploiting natural resources. There are better ways to illuminate and move our world. Start with arts, education, and infrastructure budgets bigger than the military budget.

Imagine that solar, wind, and natural sources of energy have been cultivated because governments subsidize those industries!

Imagine that inhumane factory farming of animals has been eliminated and humans feel more sensitive to all of Nature.

Imagine that our militaristic addiction to fossil fuels has been healed. Think about the insane spiral of going to war to get more oil to feed the defense industry’s dual addictions to death and oil to feed the hardware to invade countries in wars for more oil – then banish the thought! It is just ridiculous, and we need to point that out. Our denial and negligence is ruining our beautiful planet, harming our families, and pushing innocent people out of their homes. Fossil fuel addiction is no ordinary craving.

Think that the private jet industry is grounded. Today, our climate is suffering, producing fires, hurricanes, and 100-degree heat in the water and air, in part because private jets emit 14 times more pollution than commercial flight, 50 times more than trains.

As income inequities have increased, so have private jet emissions. Millions of cars don’t do as much damage. Limit private jet use. (Note to jet-set self: Stay home, grow a garden, feed the hungry, and fix homelessness issues in your own backyard!

Imagine more open space, more wilderness, more fertility in recovered ecosystems of harmony, strength, and grace.

Imagine we have dissolved our animal hunger and collective oil substance abuse disorders. Imagine we live, not as consumers, but as the creators we already are.

Great work! You’re now thinking about the four or five actions that will very quickly reduce greenhouse gases, stop the leaping wildfires, and calm the bubbling 100-degree oceans.

I still want to know things like, who do we write to, and what phone number do we call to support getting private jet fuel hogs out of the sky? I don’t know. I can find out, though. Can we cut back on commercial flights that carpet our mother with poisons? Who wants to give up a vacation? We deserve vacations!

Some things should really be completely illegal, and others contained, used judiciously. Maybe fly to Detroit or Portland rather than Malta. I appreciate the pain everyone is in. I just think we need to find and accomplish a few key actions we can do together, with a focus on goals like preventing the Atlantic Gulf Stream from collapsing. Is that too much to ask?

Accepting the diagnosis and articulating the healing pressure points that can make a positive. Thinking about things differently can help. Beyond that, taking is the Earth Angel’s work. Yes, your work. Our work. How do we accomplish this? I don’t know. Maybe you can tell me the how. But I believe we will. We can all help. And we must. We must act to protect our planet from unconscious errors in judgment by the profit-oriented fossil fuel and military industries. For our children and grandchildren, who deserve a safe planet, a regenerating planet.

To resolve the main thing now is to re-right the stories, and that’s not a typo. Make the stories right again by writing them from the point of view of all of nature rather the human little self. That shift in point of view is huge. Let nature be our lens. Think about the vision of doing what it takes to right our Earthship, by re-righting and re-writing the story that is living out through you and your actions, your creativity, our collaborations.

Everyone is in such a big-heart space! And we can do better by regenerating the story, aiming at the other archetypal drive in the subconscious, the LIFE WISH! Sharing the new vision and using the power of collective action (and collective imagery) on key pressure points can make a world of difference.

We all bring resources to the table. We can all thrive. And we can all do better. We are doing better.

Namaste and Aloha nui loa! Marya ♥️

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