Dr. Green's Recovery - Invitation for Healing

Koa and Kulia overlooking mountains

Aloha Friends!

So many of you have asked how to help Koakane — Dr. Green to most — during this difficult time. As he recovers from several devastating issues that hit him all at once — hemorrhagic stroke, kidney disease, a UTI, and prostate problems — he needs our support.

Lest you think him unhealthy, know that he is one of the healthiest people I know — in so many way — but his early life was spent sacrificing for his children as so many fathers do. More recently, at 77, he puts much love into his granddaughter Kulia’s life, pictured here with her doting kupunakāne (grandfather) two years ago.

As a chiropractor for 40 years, he did not trust modern Western medicine. He would not even seek out a PCP. A mistake for sure, as some of the hardest issues, with early detection and treatment, could have been softened or averted. So here we are. He is trusting the wisdom of modern medical care which is helping to restore his wellness.

Now, looking forward, he has a PCP and three other specialists attending to him.

Of necessity, he cannot work because if his blood pressure goes up by lifting patients as he usually does during treatments, it could be curtains. He has almost no paralysis, thankfully, and he is eager to get back to work, but right now he needs rest, to cover his rent, to eat well, and to uncover the root causes of his illness and repair them.

You can help now. To avoid being evicted, he needs to prove to his landlord that he can raise the money needed for six months rent — $7200. He needs healthy food, gas, car upkeep and fuel, and our love! The medical bills have barely started to come in yet, but they will. He has applied for SNAP and Medicaid. It is a humbling experience for someone who worked hard all his life to help others and now finds he has to accept help from others.

Please find a place in your heart for Koakane’s care.

If you do, please go to DR. GREEN’S RECOVERY FUND

He wants to see you again at the Kona Green Market, and at the Lotus Center, and walking down the beach with a smile on his face and that irresistible twinkle in his eye that makes you feel you’ve met a good-humored friend who is known by the kindness he shows to all.

How can you help? Please go here and be generous!


Mahalo nui loa!
Marya Mann, Koakane’s Partner

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