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Flower Power Made Easy

Crazy Wisdom comes pouring out of the cracking in every heart, the openings of every humble vessel, all of us, grappling, goofy, connecting, seeking, solving, fearing, calming, and caring.

For the love of the gods, I declare, this time will be different!

This Easter, the Resurrection will be permanent. We don’t have to go back into the dark cave, the cocoon, the Dark Night of the Soul. We will remember to Look to the Skies. We will know ourselves and each other by kindness and collaboration, and by the nectar of our flowers, and the love and truth in our hearts.

We will give time to celebrate not one but two Supermoons the Sky gives to us this month.

We will connect and we will stay connected to the Earth, chastened, but reverent and disciplined at last.

Could life ever be so wonderful? If you read the news, you can start to think there is nothing but the pandemic, when right under our noses, we are becoming divine, staying home and making soap, cleaning out closets, volunteering, helping children, writing books, making love, making art, remembering to remember.

The pandemic is sad, horrible, a terror, but might it be preferable to the mad dash of capitalism toward more consumption leading over the cliff of extinction? Is this the new freedom time, the time to finally get creative and agree on a Green New Deal?

It’s hard on humans. I hurt too. We suffer and grieve, but Nature has been suffering and grieving for quite some time now, from human environmental abuse.

Look on the Bright Side! Nature now can take a deep breath and feel free to shine, to tidy up a bit, to lsing oud and clear up the air pollution, and cull the overpopulating species before it’s too late. Just like we can do with our negativities, despair, and complaints. nature is weeding out the garden of the human mind so the flowers of spirit can blossom.

If it weren’t for the pandemic, we would still be spewing toxins. We would still be wandering as amnesiacs, forgetting how important it is to spend quiet time, meditating, grounding, growing flowers and chanting prayers under the full moons. Making beauty, helping others, restoring our intimacies, building the relationships that last. But it is hard.

This is the Golden Renaissance. And it is hard. Bursting forth from the cocoon is hard.

The caterpillar doesn’t know it’s becoming a gorgeous flying creature. It isn’t transforming — the belly-crawling insect is trans mutating.

This Easter, we humans are arising, transmuting, becoming altogether new. We don’t know our new selves very well yet, but we’re already in love. We are the new species, homo divinis. Insurgents of the Golden Renaissance.

Not to diminish the pain of disease and the heroism of essential workers, healers, helpers, food service, postal, manufacturing — all the “essential” laborers – we can still look on the bright side, look to the Skies, look to each other and say Wow!

The pandemic has totally changed so much that wasn’t working for the planet, who can say the Novel Coronavirus isn’t like a good depression that opens up the windows and cleans out the debris with our tears. Is the virus, or a disease, or the depression, not also “essential”? What is essential to the soul’s evolution can’t be judged on merely materialistic human terms.

If Mother Nature sat down to write a book called Planetary Healing Made Easy, She could not have composed a better book.

On Easter, 2020, people realize they are cells in the whole body of Nature. The Universe is not out there, but inside every one of us. Even the Coronavirus has come not as an enemy to fight, but a teacher, a zen master thumping skaktipat on the student’s head, alerting us to wake up! Humans are finally waking up!

Yes, this time it will be different. No, we won’t fall asleep again in the cocoon of our ignorance.

Yes. We were caterpillars, insects, just like our parent butterflies and moths. We had six proper legs, like all insects, and five pairs of stumpy prolegs with little hooks to help us hang onto things. We enjoyed becoming attached to things. But then we started moving in wave-like motions. We broke open the papery encasement, unfolded, unveiling our true butterfly-hood.

We can still learn a lot from caterpillars about making transitions, and be grateful. Our colored Lepidoptera wings, our bright lifting and landing, the fluttering flight — all of this was hard to come by.

But out of our labor, flowers have come. We offer flowers. Sow flower seeds. Plant flowers. Pick flowers. Arrange flowers. String flowers. Make flowers.

As I fly on the wings of light spreading through the timeless, I see flowers, as if for the first time, pink, magenta, mango, ruby, flamingo, and fuchsia. During this month of the Pink Supermoon, so named for the flowers of springtime, jumping for joy at the rising light, we can tend flowers, the opening, uneven, jagged, waning, and dew-fresh, ones, but also the wanton and wilting ones. We love all the flowers and each one is Creation at its best.

The pandemic is a flower opening, petal by petal, a gateway into the raw power of Nature, the power of Flowers.

And it is hard.

And it is good.

The pink flowers and Pink Supermoon are good. This Easter, we can remember it will all be good again.

May the love and blessings of the ancestors, guides, angels, saints, animal powers, devas, and guardians shine on you and your family! May your health, life, and love be good!

Happy Easter!


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