Quantum Healing for the Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court on Thursday overturned a New York gun law. On Friday, the High Court, in a 5-4 decision, overturned Roe v. Wade. How do we overturn those wrong turns?


A friend said to me, “I don’t know what’s the matter with people. They’re making decisions that work against their own best interests, against the survival of our species, against the planet? What is wrong with people?”

It was the day the Supreme Court officially reversed Roe v. Wade, making abortion illegal, and the day after they overturned a New York law so that any individual over the age of 21 has the unfettered right to buy and carry firearms.

Another friend said to me, “The High Court is supposed to be the best and the brightest, and now they threaten all living things – especially women! What makes them so hell-bent on giving more people guns and taking away women’s health care?”

Could there be a worse time for such insanity at the highest levels?

No. And actually, it is the right time, for it forces us to accept that most of our brains are impaired by subconscious mind programs downloaded before 7 years of age. According to molecular biologist and author of the Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton, by observing our parent’s and community’s behaviors, 95% of most humans’ cognitive activity is generated by neural nets imprinted before the age of reasoning.

And as we can see from many of the decisions being made by friends, ourselves and world leaders, those neural nets and the beliefs that wired them have too often not been updated.

Before we had a conscious mind to discern what was true and not true, our mirror neurons absorbed everything. Some family and cultural traditions and teachings are wonderful, spirited, and fair; others are not. It’s up to us as adults and caretakers of our planet to discern the difference, to choose the good, true, and beautiful while dispelling the false and unskillful.

It’s not only that most people are “stuck in the past” – it’s that many unhealthy programs are hard-wired in the nervous system to repeat old thinking habits, habits that exclude the whole body, whole brain, and whole heart in making sense of the world.

When times get tough, if they haven’t consciously evaluated those old unconscious thought habits and transformed them, most people will look backward to a time in the past when they felt secure.

Imagine someone today getting nauseated walking into a shop. He might not be aware of his body, his genetic and epi-genetic underpinnings, pulling up a decision made by a great-grandmother on a whim in 1910 to never like polka dots. That aversion, passed on to daughter, to son, to you, and negating the 112 years of potentially positive experience of polka dots between then and now, becomes the queasiness he feels when walking into the shop where polka-dotted shorts hang on a rack. It’s a programmed reaction. But with conscious intention and embodied brain balancing, that reaction can change.

Much of our nonsensical behavior is inevitable until we realize the biological science behind growth. To change, we use our conscious minds to revise invisible downloaded familial and cultural beliefs and behavioral programs.

Polka dots and choosing your wardrobe are one thing. Guns, gutting women’s healthcare, death, disease, and global warming are quite another matter.

In the Supreme Court decision that struck down a century-old gun law which required people to show “proper cause” to carry a firearm, the most dangerous part of the decision comes from the court’s reasoning.
It dramatically illustrates the psychological tendency to return to a previously “secure” past to find a framework for deciding a present-day course of action. Especially when there has been trauma in one’s past, we will tend to return to beliefs from just before the distress to find comfort.

All jurisprudence is rooted in historical records, but the ascendency of “originalists” on the Court has narrowed the range of research and potential knowledge many judges use. Jan Lepore writes in the New Yorker that originalists construe rulings based on five major sources: The Constitution, James Madison’s notes on the constitutional convention, the records of the ratifying conventions, the Federalist Papers, and Samuel Johnson’s 1755 “Dictionary of the English Language.”

The “secure” past that originalists revere was a time when slavery was allowed and women and people of color could not vote. It was a time of racism and misogyny, one that carved out power for White men and produced anti-democratic laws to keep that power.

Just as individuals use their unexamined subconscious programs from the past to make major decisions about the kind of world they want to live in, the judges are using old programming to shape current and future laws.

“The originalist justification for striking down the New York gun law is the same that propped up the Court’s opinion in the Dobbs case, which overturned Roe v. Wade,” says Lepore, “on the grounds that a right to abortion is not ‘deeply rooted in this Nation’s history and tradition.’”

What is deeply rooted in most of us is the desire to be good, to be whole, to do no harm, and to make more and more health and beauty. Our ethics are rooted in balancing an individual’s good and public safety, the good of society as a whole.

For many years, the courts developed a sense of fairness that evolved with higher order thought processes. I believe that we become more whole as individuals and more enlightened as a society by accepting previous wrong decision-making and reversing it. When we accept that forgiveness and soul-oriented living can reignite our collective ability to make good decisions – and protect public safety — we not only expand our personal cognitive capacity beyond that 5 % that Dr. Lipton suggests, but we expand our collective intelligence and hope for the future.

Shouldn’t the U.S. Constitution grow and change with us? The strictly originalist rulings by the Supreme Court show how pervasive conditioned modes of thinking and clinging to past subconscious programming really are. In all places high and low, among all races and classes, impaired brain functioning from childhood environments, inter-generational trauma, and social injustice has become a global epidemic.

Recognizing conditioned thinking and post-traumatic stress for what they are – cues to the brain to go backward in time and grab hold of the nearest security blanket — we can start to hear the call that wakes us all up.

We must move forward and make safe and sacred spaces for us all. There’s room. And there’s glory in inclusive, whole-brained, whole-hearted living. There’s motivation and freedom for more creativity and sustainability in the midst of the reversals, overturnings, and yearning for a past that wasn’t so admirable in the first place.

What we can do is look within to find where we are clinging to an unhealthy past because of programs that were installed before we had could decide for ourselves..

Now, we can decide. We can choose. We can choose wisely.

“The brain has a remarkable property called neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity means that you have some amount of control over your brain’s programming. Through a combination of concentrated thoughts and purposeful actions, you can ‘rewire’ your brain and exert greater flexibility over your emotional reactions and tendencies.”

Are there any subconscious programs that are ruling you? Want to change them? I invite you to learn more about transformational methods available today. Change can happen quickly when we tap into the quantum field.

If we want to change ourselves or change the world, we can enter into the flow of infinite Universal life force energy that blesses us and embrace the wholeness inherent in life.

If you choose to transmute the root causes of suffering into your true healing path…

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