Mountain Celebrates Being a Million Years Old Today

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What we really know is
Today we are touched by grace
Moved by an infinity of creation
Energized with green growth
At play in our sacred world

What we really know is how to sit
Lift our bodies, minds, and spirits
Orchestrate a new friendship
Remember the All That Is needs us
To belly breathe so we hear and harmonize

What we really know is we become new
When we sit as a lotus flower
Feet in the mud, moving old paradigms
While the potted Egyptian star
Stuns in summer’s bold red times

What we know is, bigger than a house, the Rain tree is leafing
While bees in the orchard buzz their singing
Earthworms tunnel a new way
And above it all the mountain celebrates
Being a million years old today

Insisting, “This is a time to touch
It’s not asking too much
To be touched by Nature”
Toward skies meant for loving things
Everything soars and every being rings

What we know is that everywhere knows where you are
Touched by grace on a lotus rising
Touching the sky, rich with beauty
At work in the sacred world
That knows even more than we do

Realized by Marya July 11, 2022

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