The Honi, Happiness, & Light Hearts: FREE Onine Event

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Dear Friends!

Light-heartedness is a wondrous thing.

On the phone yesterday, a friend said, “There are so many awful things happening right now. Global warming, planetary collapse, the pandemic, fires everywhere. And I have a dozen fire ant bites to prove it! I feel like I’m having a nervous breakdown — but I’ve had too many breakdowns in my life to be nervous!”

When we both laughed, I knew she would be okay. Lifted by its delightful breeze, light-heartedness gave us wings of light to soar.

Most of us don’t know how it happens. A veil lifts. A child giggles. An inner smile rises. We think of someone we love. And there it is! Relief, inexplicable joy, a rush of ecstasy!

Yet having a light heart in these perilous times may feel inappropriate, or even shocking. How can we be happy when so many others are not? Or it feels out of reach, like something that others have but we could never cultivate for ourselves.

The fact is — our hearts are naturally full of light. The jumble of unexamined hurts, resentments, losses, and grief are what darkens our radiance.

You deserve to feel contented now, and in that state of warmth, your caring can relieve suffering in the world – your own and others’!

And please consider, as a species, as creatures birthed on Earth, we have collectively been through pandemics, comet crashes, divorces, depressions, dark ages, ice ages, and golden ages. We’ve been chased by saber-toothed tigers and survived meeting our beloved’s parents.

And we have endured. We have even thrived. Every one of us won the sperm race!

So, I am glad-hearted to invite you to clear away the cobwebs and re-member your light heart. You’ll feel it for yourself in tomorrow’s free gathering, “Yoga for a Light Heart,” at 10:00 AM Hawaii time (1 PM PST, 3 PM CST, 4 PM EST).

You will also learn to…

-Revitalize your body and the best version of yourself
-Use the 5 Keys to living a joyful life of empathy and service
-Hear your inner calling and do what’s asked of you by your own Soul
-Be inspired by the ancient wisdom teachings
-Give yourself permission to create the life your heart truly wants

Our guiding light rests in the heart, and when we rejuvenate it, everyone benefits, including Mother Earth. We are in this together. We all need safe spaces and supportive communities where we can flourish and remember who we really are.

That’s why you’re invited to this very special free event, and even if you can’t attend live on Saturday, August 7th, sign up anyway and we’ll give you the on-demand replay that will be available on Monday.

You will also receive, just for signing up, “Illuminating Joy through the Heart Chakra,” a chapter from my new book, Hawaii and the Heart Chakra.

Please find a brief excerpt from that reading below and savor a taste of your delicious light-heartedness!
I so look forward to seeing you!

Sign up here for free – you’ll be glad you did! YOGA FOR A LIGHT HEART

With a light heart and a deep appreciation!

EXCERPT FROM a Resource Reading you will receive with the video REPLAY when you sign up for “Yoga for a Light Heart.”

The Honi, Happiness, & Being Blessed!

The Honi

In Hawaii, when two are face to face, we look deeply into each other’s eyes, then press noses and foreheads together in a sort of embrace. Keeping eye contact, we breathe together for a few long moments. When we disengage, we are smiling, and maybe we kiss again on each cheek. We’re smiling because we’re connected through Hā, and that is a love that never stops.

Greeting someone with the Hawaiian honi (even while wearing a mask during the pandemic) we press our faces together, forehead to forehead, nose to nose, to “share what we call the Hā,” says the Kahuna nui Hale Makua. “Ha is part of the word aloha. This term has many meanings and differs according to its context, but in essence, alo means face to face, and Hā is the divine.” *

Greeting the day itself with a honi calls on our higher selves to make honest beauty in the face of turmoil. We want renewal, and we don’t always make the mark. We rise and fall like the wind, like water, like music. The magic is in the harmony and right effort, by having a clear purpose that unfolds the best future, no matter what.

Being In a State of Love

As the center of human expression, an open heart chakra helps us experience the goodness of life that elevates all the other chakras. The fourth chakra gives us the capacity to feel joy, light-heartedness, and sweetness for all. “Spread sweetness everywhere,” says the voice of the heart chakra.

When the heart chakra is healthy, we feel love flowing through everything we do. We feel deep gratitude and appreciation, recognizing that the heart is the portal for our Divine Essence, which is shared by all, so we can feel the same love for all.

Because it is the center of love, the heart chakra is connected to family, parents, children, lovers, friends, and even animals. Our generosity and friendliness are expressed through a positive, gentle, and available spirit, as opposed to being selfish. That doesn’t mean not taking care of ourselves, but we establish sincere rapport quickly with others and are respectful of our mutual needs.

The fourth chakra is the center of touch and nurturing. In balance, it awakens your desire to be held and cared for. It expresses itself in affection, empathic bodywork, and the kindness you put into your relationship with your physical body.

Because of its attractive and magnetic frequency, an open and healthy heart chakra attracts positive synchronicities of all kinds. Thus, it inspires harmony, health, and spiritual insight. When the heart chakra is healthy, you begin to love yourself in a deeply compassionate and unconditional way, opening the door for you to extend such love outward. Giving and receiving love without hesitation, love flows; emotional wounds begin to heal. You break free from negative patterns that keep you feeling isolated and lonely, unable to reach out or ask for or accept help.

Love, as opposed to sensuality or sexuality, is a quietly powerful, aware energy. This energy, originating in our spiritual heart, flows through our physical heart and radiates outward. It is the most compelling energy of life, both for the sender and the recipients.

When your heart chakra flows fully, you are filled up with Divine peace and inner calm. You giggle, laugh, smile, breathe in deeply, and relax in every cell in your body. The heart chakra, when healthy and flowing, ushers in an uplifting, calming, reassuring vibration that eases even those who have been deeply traumatized.

Remember the last time you were in love? Remember the exhilarating and deeply nurturing feeling it brought to you? When the heart chakra is fully open, expressing to its fullest capacity every day, it feels like being in love.


When your heart chakra is healthy and open, you are optimistic and accepting. You focus on the beautiful Divine spirit in others and overlook, or don’t even notice, their human flaws. You are kind and forgiving, slow to find fault and quick to let things go. You are easygoing and genuinely generous, moved to assist those in need without strings attached.

A person with a fully open heart chakra is very healing and comforting to be around, because you feel safe and supported in their presence. You are oriented toward finding solutions in life rather than dwelling on your problems, and you expect positive outcomes. Because the open heart is such a powerful force, you attract positivity, and are perceived by others as “lucky” or “blessed.”

In fact, if your heart chakra is open, you are blessed.

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