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Enjoy the Gifts of Energy!

Lucid, illuminating, and inspired energy flows through you and our sweet beautiful Earth. As we move through a full-body, full-spectrum Yoga celebration of life this Saturday, December 18th, we invite the Sun’s powerful Solstice rays to clarify and uplift our shared humanity.

This is a very special time of year. All of our ancestors in every part of the globe knew that Winter Solstice attunements carry profound healing energy. This resetting of the celestial star-clock marks a new era, the time of the Great Awakening, the Great Healing, and a profound regeneration.

What does that mean for you?

Come and find out. The Yoga Dance leads us to deeper feelings and a heightened knowing. Besides restoring the body’s wisdom, we connect with the ancient wisdom.

This Saturday’s free Yoga event comes as a gift for the holiday, for your life, for your family, for the planet, and most of all, for humanity. Humanity is ailing, and we can uplift every single person at this powerful time by amplifying our purpose through alignment with the larger fields of intelligence and devotion. We will cultivate DEEP HEALING FOR HUMANITY.

As we awaken, we realize our profound potential to serve our planet – our mountains, seas, bees, and all living things. We can transmute anger into love, shame and blame into gratitude, and pain into the pleasure of knowing we are using our authentic power for the greater good.

Free up your energy in this free Yoga Dance gathering and feel the joy that will heal our bodies, minds, and Souls. Anyone can do this. No previous experience is necessary.

You are invited to join us this Saturday at 10 am Hawaii time (12 pm PST | 2 pm MST | 3 pm ET)

Uplifting music, feel-good stretch, potent asana, creative dance, gentle meditation, and the connection to life that will restore your natural energy and prepare you not only for the holiday season but for the Great Awakening in the months and years to come. Attentive, attuned, and living in awe.

Don’t worry if you can’t be there live on Saturday. The on-demand replay link will be available to you for simply signing up. Still, nothing can match the live event where we can interact and see that we are mirroring as in Indra’s Net of Jewels, the radiance of the Divine body in each and everybody.

Pre-register here please: YOGA DANCE FOR HUMANITY

I look forward to seeing you there and being part of the Great Awakening with you!


P. S. Step into the pleasurable field of the infinite lifeforce and join with kindred spirits who realize our movements, dances, thoughts, and intentions form the blueprints and foundations for positive change.

There will be time for Satsang — sharing and Q & A — after the Yoga Dance. Please join us to explore how your personal action transforms the world and sets the tone for ahealthy humanity, a regenerating planet, and our prosperous future.

If you are ready to transform your life, quicken the flame of light in your heart and awaken to ahigher functioning, you will want to know about….


Whatever you wish to materialize into physical reality, whether that is world peace, awakening to your true embodied nature, or more friends, wealth, health, creativity, and/or the ideal relationship, knowing your innermost essence is the first key to accomplishment.

The problem arises when we are traumatized. Trauma touches all of our lives, and right now we’re collectively experiencing the effects of traumatic events with global impacts. The challenges of trauma are real – but there is hope.

During these transformative sessions, you’ll:

-Awaken your authentic power and top perceiving the world based on past trauma.
-Transform old reactions into wise actions based on your soul’s wisdom.
-Discover how to make your intuition more accessible.
-Explore and align your body wisdom, your heart’s wisdom, and your cosmic wisdom.
-Shift stressful signals into healing vibrations.
-Explore the art and science of Muscle Energy Testing.

To learn more, please go here: WHAT IS QUANTUM HEALING?

All you have to lose is your suffering. All you have to gain is your soul.

FROM ANYWHERE OR IN KEALAKEKUA, call Kona Coast Yoga and Wellness at 808.345-0050. In-Office, via ZOOM, Facetime, Phone or in outdoor sacred sites.

IN KAILUA-KONA, Schedule at the Lotus Spa in the Royal Kona Resort. Call 808-334-0445


“Yoga is much more than exercise. I like to think of it as eco-cize — we stretch our connections to all that is. Yoga stabilizes the soul in the body. This engages an inner coherence that feels buoyant, bubbly. While the asana, breathwork, and visualization processes strengthen your core, tone the muscles, and massage the organs, your mind is also changed. Clear movement reveals how you may be repeating unconscious patterns that sabotage your deepest desires. You can change the movement, and that altars the mind. Or change the mind, and that altars the movement. You discover how to discern, adapt, and listen to your true inner wisdom, your true nature, and all of Nature.” — Marya


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